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Personal Statement Fulbright Scholarship (Master's degree program in Mining Engineering)

mirz 1 / -  
Feb 2, 2021   #1
Hello everyone!
I will apply to the scholarship provided by the Fulbright and I need to write a Personal Statement

Points to cover in the PS:

o information of educations
o pratical experince.
o special interest
o career plants
o Any significance factors that have influenced your educational and personal development.

I am very grateful for your feedback of my essay.

Did you know D.G Krige? If you study or graduate in mining engineering, you must be familiar with the name. I am very inspired by Danie G. Krige, a South African statistician and mining engineer who pioneered in Geostatistics and was a professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Republic of South Africa. The technique of kriging named after him was renowned. I made him my role model and also had a leading role from when I was in college until I graduated. Why did I say that? Because that was what made me do my thesis research about the theory was initiated by him, and of course, very influential on mining issues. In 2019, I obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mining Engineering from Syiah Kuala University. I had participated in several writing contests since I was in college, such as scientific papers or essays. My best achievement was 3rd place in the essay opinion competition.Before the pandemic happened, I had worked at Government Office as a Contract employee for three months. My job desk was creating the roadmap project. It gave me some experiences. Because I had skills in using GIS(Geographic Information System) Software, I trusted to involve in this project.

When I was in college, there was one course that I remember well. It was a Geostatistics course. Few mining engineers can apply for Geostatistics methods at all stages of the mine life cycle: from exploration to development, production, and site remediation. My enthusiasm in this course was proven when I got an A in the Geostatistics course. Solving problems with a statistical approach and full of math problems certainly pleased me. To dig deeper in Geostatistics, I chose to make it into the topic of my thesis. Kriging, a name of a theorem from Danie G. Krige, was the part that I explained in my thesis project. I made an appointment and asked one of my lecturers to become my thesis advisor, and I explained the type of research I wanted to do. One challenge that must be solved is to code a program about Geostatistics. Because data used for simulation in digital format, computing and modeling were essential steps in Geostatistics. I had to learn programming from scratch and making algorithms that appropriated my goal. The part that made me excited was that I knew How the software I had used so far worked. Previously I just inputted data so that the result came out. It is different from now. I felt the theory taught by my lecturer was useful. I had to finish the code first before writing my thesis. It took me six months to complete my code. When I thought back, it was rare for mining engineering students to write programming code, especially for thesis also. Writing programming code and Analyzing big datasets to make a model for Geostatistics made me want to develop further what if I do research based on machine learning in the case of resource estimation, which is part of mining issues. Becoming a researcher like D.G Krige, who is engaged in mining, will become a reality by continuing my studies through a Fulbright scholarship.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 3, 2021   #2
This essay only covers the information regarding your undergraduate course, special interest, and practical experience. It does not contain any reference to your future career plans as influenced by your decision to become a Fulbright masters scholar. While there are covered parts in this presentation based on the prompt requirements, I cannot say that these information are impressive enough to help you make it past the consideration round. The information is lacking overall because you summarized almost all aspects of the presentation rather than highlighting the abilities, skills, and interests that you have, which have helped you set out a career path for the future.

The presentation is too simplistic, does not completely inform the reviewer, and fails to create a career path towards your future, on the basis of helping your country upon your return. This is an essay that is good as a draft, but is not going to be helpful if you submit it. You need to have a more in-depth presentation overall and, more specifically. needs to present a logical career path for you upon your return home.

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