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Personal Statement For KGSP Graduate Program 2021 - Master's Degree in Psychology

wyh99 1 / 3  
Mar 15, 2021   #1
Good day everyone! I am applying for KGSP 2021 for graduate program. Please help me to check on grammar mistakes and provide suggestions on my personal statement.

Brief guidelines:
- Motivations with which you apply for this program
- Family and Education background
- Significant experiences you have had; risks you have taken and achievements you have made, persons or events that have had a significant influence on you

- Extracurricular activities such as club activities, community service activities or work experiences
- If applicable, describe awards you have received, publications you have made, or skills you have acquired, etc.

Master's Degree in Psychology (Industrial Psychology/Advertising Psychology)

I belong to a middle-income household from a small town in Malaysia, with four siblings of whom I am the second. Born in Malaysia, I have been raised and educated in a multiracial environment, helping me to become fully multicultural as well as a trilingual. The experience of growing up in diverse environments help to explain my great passion in exploring other cultures and their people. I enjoy meeting with people from all walks of life and exchanging thoughts and experiences with people from different background. When I was 18, I had a chance to participate in a global volunteer project in China. It was a significant and unforgettable experience for me that I have gained my many "first" time during that trip. I interacted with volunteers of various nationalities and become more determined to chase my dream outside Malaysia. Getting the experience to study abroad has been a lifetime dream of mine and I am not willing to limit myself within my comfort zone. South Korea as my favourite country of all time has first comes to my mind when I decided to pursue my studies further in psychology.

I became initially interested in psychology when few of my friends constantly approaching me to tell their problems on academic or family during high school. I tried my best to be an active listener back then however I felt helpless when trying to help in dealing with their problems. Since then, I have strong desire to know more about human behaviour and though processes. Besides, I am a person who enjoy office working environment. When applying for undergraduate program after my pre-U studies in Malaysian Matriculation Program, I found out by coincidence a course that bridges my both preferences which led me to enrol in the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. My interest has never faded since the first day I receive formal education in this field. Time flies and now I am already in my last semester of Bachelor's degree with current CGPA of 3.92 out of 4.00. My keen interest in the course has motivated me to pursue Master's degree in Psychology in order to further deepen my knowledge in related area.

Interpersonal and communication skills are essential in the psychology realm. I have been an active participant in various clubs, societies and events such as FunZ Crew Dance Club, Mandarin Club, Bon Odori Festival and Global Village. I have the chance to expand my horizons by learning different communication skills and approaches while interacting and cooperating with people from different races and background. I enjoy learning new things therefore I joined different departments such as publicity, protocol and program team in various events and clubs. Through these experiences, I am able to gain insights in different area. I enjoy the most when I was in the publicity team in a Chinese traditional orchestra concert preparatory committee. I like the designing task utilizing psychology my knowledge plus artistic interest and enjoyed the team discussion on how to promote our events and attract participants with different elements on our posters, banners and even tickets. Two years ago, I met a dance tutor who was doing her research in psychology in dance and through her class, I saw endless possibilities of the application of psychology in various sectors in our daily life.

South Korea is well-known for its positive academic atmosphere. It is renowned for its universities and all have high postgraduate employment rates and excellent reputations. Not only does studying in South Korea will allow me to obtain top-class education, but it will also provide me an insight into one of Asia's most dynamic and modern countries. South Korea is undeniably a great place to live and gain exposure to new things. In a field overwhelmed with western influence and philosophy, studying psychology related field in South Korea would enable me to take advantage of the opportunity to explore the Asian psychology movement which is also one of the biggest motivation for me to apply Global Korea Scholarship for Master's degree in Psychology.

Through the Global Korea Scholarship, I wish to put my academic background, passion in psychology, diligence, perseverance and resilience to challenges to good use, especially in a country like South Korea which places the investment in education and research at the heart of the country. It would be my honour if I can have this once in a lifetime opportunity to study in Korea. I hope that through being a part of GKS-G program, I could have the chance to explore more about Korean language and culture meanwhile contribute my meager strength in promoting friendly Malaysia-South Korea relations. I am positive that with your contribution, I will fully succeed with my passion for graduate studies in psychology field.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 16, 2021   #2
Your information, experience, and reference to activities and interests would make you a more qualified candidate for the CSC ( China Scholarship Council) under the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) rather than the GKS. Perhaps you should be applying for the other scholarship instead? Your credentials make you a more competitive candidate for the CGS rather than the GKS. Always align your skills and experiences, along with your life interests, with the correct scholarship program. Otherwise, your application becomes a question of "Why GKS over CGS" in the minds of the reviewers. Aside from that, the essay only requires editing and proof reading for clarity and presentation format. Something that you can contact me privately to do for you.
OP wyh99 1 / 3  
Mar 16, 2021   #3
Thank you very much for your constructive comments. I will try to modify those information to makes my personal statement more focus on GKS.

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