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Study in Korea - my dreams and goals in life. Self Introduction letter for KGSP

pretzkibyeol 1 / -  
Mar 20, 2017   #1

Failure to Success - Given a Chance to Study in Korea

I grew up in a middle class family. My father is a government employee while my mother is a housewife. Ever since, when my mother dreamed to become a businesswoman, unfortunately, their family is having a financial difficulties and force her to stop her study. Her dream influences me to take a business program. Thankfully, I was able to pass the entrance examination of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Out of 60,000 examinees down to 16,000 passers, my score was enough to take one of the top program they offer, Accountancy. During that time, everything is new to me, the environment there was different from high school and that caused me to be pressured in my study. Because of that, I failed in one of my subject and that forced me to drop the program. Yes, I failed and others might see it as embarrassing. Moreover, it really hurt my pride as I tend to have high grades in high school. As accepted that fact, I thought that my life shouldn't stop there, instead I took it as a motivation to develop myself and to pursue what I'm dreaming, what I really want for my life.

In 2013, I transferred to Technological Institute of the Philippines, my sibling's alma mater, were I pursued related program to my previous program, Accounting Technology. That time, I cleared it out to myself that, "I will not only passed the course that I'm taking but I will also strive hard and make my grades high". Because of failure, the way I see my education became serious. It taught me to be more active and hardworking, at same time, enjoying and loving the life in college. Being passionate and creative about ideas, I joined the Department Student Council as a committee. Seeing the events became successful, for me it was really fulfilling. The hardships we've made to carried out an event was paid for with happiness. Moreover, I was able to build strong relationship with other students. In all of those semesters, I have maintain to have good grades without fear nor pressure towards study.

For me, as I will face the real world, I think every college student can relate about the phrase "what we can learn from school is different from what we could in work". I took my internship as income audit assistant at Novotel Manila for five months were it is manage by one of the top hotel managing company Accor Hotels. It was really tough at first because it is something new again to me, but that time, I compose myself to be confident and brave to take it as a challenge. In my training, my job is not only to assist my supervisor, but also to accommodate the needs of the suppliers and clients especially the guest who came from other country. Because of that training, I did not only boosted the level of my communication skills but also created a bond with other people. On the top of that, I have seen the importance of education in application of it towards work.

What motivates me to apply for this program of the Korean Government was simply because it is Korea. Back then in high school, it was the first time I've met Koreans as my classmates and that opened my interest in Korea. Because of their stories, I had even made ideas that I will live there, but I've realized that, mentally and financially, I'am not yet really capable of doing that. As I tried to learn more about Korea, I became more interested in their culture among other things. The history, cuisines, clothes and even how people respect and treat each other, it was really different in the Philippines. In the past few years, Korea became well-known to the world not only because of K-pop but because of its fast growing economy in business, technology, education and other industries. And most of all, Korea is becoming globalized, having a higher level of education in business there, will give me more and bigger opportunities.

The reason why I really want to study in Korea, is because I want to achieve my dreams and goals in life without the influence and judgement of others for who I want to be. I also would like to live independently and make decisions on my own. If I would be given the chance to study in Korea, I will use my time and effort to devote myself in studying and learning to reach my goals, at the same time, to answer my curiosity and explore more about Korea.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Mar 20, 2017   #2
Pretz, your letter of self introduction is highly inconsistent in responding to the KGSP self introduction letter requirements. Focus each of the paragraph requirements in a specific manner in the essay. Don't mix them up in different paragraphs as you have now. Segregate the personal side (course of life, view of life, hopes and wishes) from the educational side (college education only focusing on the college or university where you graduated from.), which is separate from the work experience (internship, current work, etc). The segregated discussions will create a more informative essay for you.

By the way, you need to develop your internship discussion and add your current work experience in order to make the professional experience more impressive. While the internship tells the reviewer that you are appropriately trained for the job, he also needs to know that you have applied the work in a professional manner, meaning as your source of income. That will be the basis of your preparation for a masters degree course.

You need to work harder on your motivations for applying to the program. Having socialized with Koreans, being familiar with their entertainment, and wanting to study in Korea is not enough. There has to be a clear understanding of the academic reasons as to why you believe that you will be more successful after having studied in Korea. Why do you think you will be a better professional after studying in Korea? Your personal reasons for studying in Korea makes your reason stand out and unique. So keep that part.

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