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Study in the UK to make a positive contribution to the economy of Nigeria

Otunba 1 / 3  
Sep 22, 2019   #1


For as long as I can remember, I have always relished the thought of advancing in soil science. Where my colleagues thought of diversifying because it was perceived as a chore or plaque bequeathed to them, I only saw excitement and a great adventure towards problem solving lying ahead.

I wish to couple this quest with practical knowledge of soil science to gain an in depth understanding how soils can enhance the wealth of a nation. Keeping this in mind, my first choice course is soils and sustainability from Edinburgh university. Apart from academic excellence the university is known for, its world class research experiments in agriculture has always fascinated me. As a result, this aided me towards undertaking an undergraduate research on comparative analysis of certain liming materials to enhance crop production and effectively improve the soil condition. I took am active part in the experimental tasks that opened my mind to new levels of trying to unravel how filthy dirt could harbor such virtues to aid the survival of mankind. Especially converting degraded and acidic soils to restorative land use for enhancing biodiversity and improving the environment. Also, since this area of specialty is scarcely explored in my country, enhancing food production and supporting civil engineering structures which have been the foci of soil science researches has not been met. Equipped with this knowledge, I intent to introduce innovative and globally effective soil sustainability measures practices in my country especially on the sectors ( fertility, land reclamation) which I have garnered experience in times past. I also plan to create awareness towards the realization of the multifarious soil functions that necessitate establishment of interdisciplinary approach with close linkages between soil scientists and chemists, geologist, hydrologists, engineers, and economists dealing with human, animal and microbial processes.

My second choice of course is soil mechanics and business management. I have chosen this because it explains the properties of soil as it relates to the industrial use of soil. This program could be of great benefit as it provides practical knowledge on dynamicity of soils and the actual challenge faces by the static populace as per thinking best of soils for agricultural purposes. However, the Imperial College London is known to focus exclusively on some areas which is keen to my development. Owing to this, it possesses people who share ideas, expertise and technology to fund answers to the big questions tackling the globe such as seismicity of regions. This knowledge will benefit my country greatly by facilitating symposia and exchange of solution based knowledge later in my career. This multicultural learning environment will help me understand the business environment in countries other than the United Kingdom. All things considered, this masters program would be a truly global educational experience.

My third choice of course is Soil Science from the University of Aberdeen, which is among the most prestigious universities not only in Scotland but in the United Kingdom as well. I believe this will help me gain holistically, in depth advanced knowledge about soils and environmental sciences by applying learning infield and laboratory based teaching. Also studying specialist knowledge about the properties of soils which I can apply to ensure food security, environmental sustainability and climate change challenges. Equipped with this knowledge, I will work to implement such modern and effective practices at levels in my country where very few people are abreast with latest development in pedology.

By and large, I plan to apply to apply my knowledge on soil science to transform agricultural and industrial sector of my country to ensure food security and stability, environmental sustainability and in turn would make a positive contribution to the economy of Nigeria.

Fazziee - / 2 2  
Sep 23, 2019   #2
@Otunba weldone with your essay and I wish you the best with your chevening application.

I would like to highlight some of the errors you have made in your essay before giving a general feedback. First, the conjuction in your second paragraph should be omitted or you take it up with the preceding sentence to the end of the first sentence in your second paragraph. I mean make the 'As a result,... effectively improve the soil condition' your next sentence after 'wealth of nation'.

Secondly it's 'I intend' not 'I intent'... In essence read over the piece again for grammatical errors and sentence structure.

Your introduction isn't compelling. Everyone has always wanted to do something so it is too generic. I suggest you start with facts exposing the readers to the problem in Nigeria and how the courses you've chosen in the UK universities are the most suiting fir the task.

Avoid ranking the courses as your first choice or second choice. You can consider 'I also chose to study...' Instead of my second choice. Also be more specific with the key skills and knowledge that you hope to gain in line with the problem you highligted in your introductory paragraph.

Best wishes... Good effort anyways
OP Otunba 1 / 3  
Sep 23, 2019   #3
Thank you so much Fazziee. I'll do the necessary adjustments accordingly.

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