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To study in the United Kingdom - Leadership Essay Chevening to be reviewed

Eleen 1 / 2  
Oct 21, 2018   #1

my success will depend on my leadership skills

After seven years of experience in the banking sector. I have been acting as a Relationship manager, having already been responsible for a team of three analysts. I realized that success in my career would depend on my leadership.

The major challenge was in March 2018, when two members of the team were resigned. Three months were close to the end of the year, and the target should be attained. Two newcomers joined the team starting from April 2018. Practicing leadership skills had helped me in overcoming this challenges. I believe in listening carefully to the team, so that I scheduled an urgent meeting with the whole team members, sharing the ideas and then came up with an immediate plan for the upcoming two months

I started with distributing the tasks between the team members with guidance and support to new members. In addition, I arranged training sessions for them to improve their knowledge, productivity. During the weekend, I organized outings for the team members to break the ice and promote harmony and passion between the whole team. In the end, we succeeded to achieve our team annual target with a 130 % increase. And all the team members were appreciated from the top management which reflected on their appraisals.

Another example related to practicing my influencing and leadership skills was in 2017 when I considerably noticed that the banking sector in Egypt has a lack of professional knowledge and experience between the fresh and undergraduates. For all that, I joined NGO foundation called "Maaan OG Foundation" which is in charge of qualifying fresh and undergraduates to the labor market especially the governmental universities graduates.

With that purpose in mind, I joined banking and finance team in Maaan, and starting to share my experience by acknowledge the candidates widely with the courses needed to start the career in most different departments in commercial and investment banks, preparing them for the banks exams and interviews, and also motivate and influence them with my career path as a graduate from governmental university and got the opportunity to study a Credit course funded from my bank and working In credit and finance career.

Moreover, after I passed CFA level 1 in June 2018, I helped the team to arrange info sessions about the CFA program and how to win the CFA scholarship from CFA Institute. I was enthused and full of pride of the candidates who succeeded to get vacancies in banks and winning scholarships through sharing my knowledge and experience with them. Now I am working with the team on organizing a preparation course for CFA Level one to get the students ready for the Exam.

To sum up, these experiences and the positive outcomes, I have achieved so far helped me to influence people around me whether on the profession side or the volunteering activates. It is my deepest desire to extend the scope of impact I can have on society and I am completely sure that studying in the United Kingdom will help me in my future accomplishments as an international leader.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,317 2867  
Oct 22, 2018   #2
Ellen, your essay is replete with leadership and influencing skill examples. The problem is that you are sharing too many samples in this essay. Now, while all leadership examples count, you should share only the most memorable ones. The ones that brought you honor and prestige somehow. So for this essay, I would like you to remove the paragraphs that relate to the Maaan OG Foundation since that sounds more like a collaborative effort that did not have you at the helm of the project. Built up your participation in the CFA program instead. I want you to focus on building up your influencing style in that part of the essay because you already show strong leadership skills in the previous paragraphs. the weak part is the influencing one and I believe that the way you inspired these students will help to drive that point home. I want you to use only the 2 best parts of this essay. The one that shows off your leadership potential and the one that highlights your influencing skills on a national scale.

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