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The success of maintaining good relations - CHEVENING Essay

obbiescholar 3 / 5  
Nov 1, 2017   #1
Hi guys, this is my Networking skills essay for Chevening Scholarship. But if you have any comments and suggestions will be more than happy to accept it

Chevening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your networking skills, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future. (minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

the success of maintaining good relations

As a State Auditor, networking skills is a must-have ability to have in order to perform the State's duties well. The fact that as a civil servant and a former lawyer's assistant, dealing with many people is a commonplace for me, therefore exploit the opportunity to the fullest so as to provide for myself and others. My experience working as a civil servant and a lawyer's assistant has taught me the importance of good communication, trust, adaptation and humility in the process of socializing well with others at any level. I hope it can take place and provide benefits to the chevening community as well as to the chevening institution itself.

In 2015, I was accepted as a State Auditor in Indonesian Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP), an institution that has the task of supervising development and finance in Indonesia. A State Auditor is not only in charge of auditing the State's finances, but also conducting socialization, assistance, evaluation, Regulatory Review and so on which activities involve various groups such as Police, Prosecutors, Local Government, Ministries, legislatures and ordinary peoples. It is necessary to adapt in any meeting with such parties, for example in my case, in solving the corruption case with the police is different from doing similar activities with the prosecutor's office. It requires timeliness and speed in the execution of duties when coordinating with the Police to continue to be trusted by the institution, compared with the Persecutors which are more concerned with the accuracy in order to improve the quality of audit reports related to a corruption case. The success of maintaining good relations with both institutions not only gained tremendous appreciation from both institutions but also facilitated me in carrying out other assignments.

Other important networking skill that I apply in is staying humble to be able to socialize well. For example, the village fund program proclaimed by the Government of Indonesia from 2014 does not fully work well in the province of West Papua, Indonesia's poorest province. The main reason is that basically the village's equipment in the province has limited capability in preparing the Village Budget Plan and other documents as a condition for disbursing village funds, as well as being reluctant to deal with central government officials whom they value as having bureaucratic, consequently the absorption of village funds in this province is the worst. In view of the problem, I as an Auditor who often served in the Province tried different approaches, where I placed myself not as a respected government employee but as a close friend who wanted to help, communicate and coordinate with local wisdom and culture, as a result of adaptation, many of the village heads in the province of West Papua contacted me and the BPKP team to assist them in drafting the Village Fund Budget Plan for their village, starting from 2016, the absorption of village funds in the Province of West Papua gradually increased and indirectly increased community welfare in the area.

(495 words)
Hadeer 5 / 13  
Nov 2, 2017   #2
give more details about how the good relations with both institutions facilitated you, Also the last paragraph, how you use your network to assist them in drafting the Village Fund Budget Plan for their village

i guess you should mention how your network helped in developing your carer.
federik - / 4  
Nov 2, 2017   #3
Your essay is good. As the topic is success of maintaining good relation you could explain about the relation you maintained in detail.Explain in such a way that it make the reader motivated. You should have good conclusion.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Nov 2, 2017   #4
Obbie, you are not being asked to describe your networking skills. You are being asked to to explain how the network you created became an important function in your job performance. You always speak of this life threatening case that you had to handle in a region of your country. How did you create a network that proved to be of service to your purpose? Who were involved in this network? Do not focus on just the police network. You spoke previously of being able to device a safe way to accomplish the work tasks. What sort of network was involved in making that happen? Discuss the importance of this network in relation to completing auditing tasks in your country. Would this network be of use to Chevening in a way? If you believe it is, then explain why. Bear in mind that the network you speak of here has to be specific because Chevening will require it to be an addition to its network stemming from alumni membership. So do not be so generalized in discussion. You need to be specific and detailed so that Chevening can give your network full consideration.

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