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University lecturer - KGSP future study plan working in KOICA for a few years

kike 1 / -  
Mar 21, 2017   #1
hi everyone this is my kgsp future plan please help me point where necessary corrections are to be made and additions are to be made

Becoming an University Lecturer

After graduating a masters student, i intend to work in Korea for 2-3 years to give back to the country that has invested so much in me academically by working in an organization such as the Korean international cooperation agency (KOICA) where I will harness enough work experience and get the career and professional growth I need to fully impact Korea, Nigeria and the world at large. Working in KOICA will help me further build the Korea- Nigeria relationship by carrying out several environmental sustainability projects in Nigeria.

Also I will like to further my academics by getting a PhD in my chosen profession in order to prepare me to be a university lecturer.

When i get back to Nigeria I will get a job as a lecturer with the University of Ife and hope to impact the younger generations and breed new generations of environmental scientist.

Also in a bid to further foster the relations between Nigeria and Korea i will seek the aid of the Nigerian government in incorporating the Korean as a language in the syllabus of the primary and secondary school just has French has been. This i believe will further improve the relations with both countries.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,876 3553  
Mar 23, 2017   #2
Kike, do you remember the study plan that you wrote prior to this essay? Go back to the study plan and look at how you can try to implement those ideas into your work at KOICA. There is a sense of vagueness in your representation of the work you want to do at KOICA that does not make it seem like you have an actual career plan should you gain employment there. The post study plan should include references to how you can improve your practical training upon completion of your theoretical learning in the university. The best way to develop that is to relate your study plan with your work experience. That will create a better career timeline for your 2-3 years employment in Korea. Then, upon your return, focus the next 2 years on the development of your career as a lecturer. Rather than explaining that you want to become a university lecturer in the future, explain how your experience in Korea will help you gain entry into the academic world in Nigeria. Your plans for integrating Hangul or Korean language into the language learning in schools in your country is a good way to show the building of the relationship between the two countries. Don't mention any university that you want to work for at this point. It is only after you properly represent these professional plans that you can close the essay by mentioning your future plans of gaining a PhD, in relation to your work accomplishments as an MS graduate.

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