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USEFP essays - how to start? (interest / objectives / goals / reasons)

taimoor47 1 / -  
Jan 2, 2012   #1
Hi all,
i want to apply for usefp. it is a scholarship program. for that you need to write a personal essay, and ive never written a personal essay. So i'll be very thankful if someone helps me out and tell me what to write. I shall be very thankful to you.

and plz be quick because the deadline is 12 jan.

Please submit a personal statement on separate sheets of paper attached to the application.
The essay should be between 200-250 words and should provide a clear and detailed description of:

- Your interests and personality
- Your academic objectives
- Your goals related to your field of study and personal development
- The reasons why you wish to pursue them in the U.S.A and how it relates to your interests and future objectives

The essay is an essential part of the selection process and of your application for placement into an appropriate program. Be sure to
include any details that highlight your personality and individuality.
Pottergirl19 5 / 15  
Jan 2, 2012   #2
First you want to pick a topic that you feel strongly about. That always makes your writing better. Make sure you talk about yourself. Use I, me, my. I would personally be a little more informal. Not like you are talking to a best friend, but like you are talking in a job interview to someone you are comfortable with. Like you are talking with a friend who's also your boss. Does that make any sense?

I would write something about what you really like to do. Are you a bookworm? In a rockband? The quiet kid in the corner? Try to take one angle of your personality tie it to the rest of you. Maybe it influenced your decision in what you want to study in college. Relate hat you like to do with what you like to study. Try to give a specific example, if you have enough room. Then, how are you going to apply what you learn in college to your life? What career do you hope to have in the future? What that job? How do you think studying that will help you grow, not just in academics, but emotionally? Fora the part about why in the USA, state why it's better int he USA than the other places you could study - what does the USA have for your future that other places don't?

I hope I helped. Good luck!

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