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Workforce Competency Development through TESOL (Australia Award Scholarship)

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Based on government data, 29.12 million working-age people have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Government release Omnibus Law to stimulate foreign investment for economic recovery. Meanwhile, they focus on developing workforce competency through vocational programs for increasing employment, it also requires English communication ability. This is the reason I want to pursue a Master's Degree in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Apart from aligned with my previous major, it would be beneficial if I channeled my 11 years of working experience at a foreign company for teaching English. It will facilitate to analysis assessment of what students need. The goal to prepare Indonesian workforce to be absorbed by foreign company job market and be able to compete well with foreign workers

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has grown to become one of the most prominent areas of EFL and is available at Macquarie University. It will help me to design a proper syllabus focused on specific discipline needs such as Technical, Medical, or Scientific English. Besides, it offers a new set of skills in teaching, assessing, analyzing, and evaluating methods needed for a particular profession to produce compatible ESP teaching content.

Wollongong University is another option because they provide English in Specific Context. It will help to conduct assessments, design, implement, and evaluate the suitability of ESP teaching content based on field experience. Moreover, they provide an in-depth understanding of second language development, discourse analysis, pedagogical grammars, language assessment which will help me to explore more professional's needs in a wide range industry.

Hopefully, this study can support the government's efforts for mitigating the impact of the pandemic on Indonesia's workforce. Furthermore, this knowledge will have ongoing benefits to prepare the workforce for the demographic dividend by 2030.
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Mar 18, 2021   #2
The information you provide as an introduction is specific to only your country. You make it appear as if that is information that applies internationally. Do not mislead the reviewer. Make sure that you are country specific in referring to this information. While it is a good reason for the basis of your chosen courses in general, you should avoid over generalization in your presentation. Rather, introduce that program in summary form, then use specifics as the reason for the courses you chose in each university. That way the skills development you are discussing will have a specific program application, making your professional reasons for choosing the universities and courses much more stronger than simply as a general reference point.

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