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Writing my personal statement for KGSP 2019 Undergraduate - I'm applying for Computer Science major.

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Sep 5, 2018   #1

KGSP Personal Statement for Undergraduate Student

My name is Mohamed. I'm 18 years old, Sudanese national but I was born in Yemen. I'm The youngest brother in the family. My family consists of five members Me, My parents, and My two older sisters. My family and I lived for long time in Yemen since I was born. My parents worked there as teachers in schools and institutions. They left Sudan before I was born because they weren't lucky to get jobs in our home country. We used to return to Sudan every three to four years in school vacations and travel back to Yemen with the beginning of new school year. These travels made me more open with the outside world later.

My family paid much attention to my education since I was a kid. They taught me to not depend on people to teach me something instead train myself to become self-taught. They provided me with a computer that later become My passion. I studied almost all my school levels in Yemen except the last two years in high school because we had to leave Yemen when the war started there at March 2015 and return to Sudan. Our final return was totally surprising and shocking I suddenly had to leave my old school there. We weren't prepared to settle in our country yet, We took a quite long time till we almost stablized here and I went back to continue my study at high school and finally graduate last year. Throw out my whole formal education journey I went to 5 schools in different cities and countries. These transportations between schools made me more self-dependent on my studies as generally schools weren't providing me with much support on school subjects and encouraging me to learn more about what I'm interested in. and My parents couldn't offer me a seat in a good schools beacuse of our financial situation. So I relied mostly on myself.

Since I was child, I grow an interest in computers and technology in general. I learned myself how to use computers in an early age and my interest with computers was continously growing each time I learn something new. Before Two years ago I made a huge step and started official courses in Computer Science field at online platforms like edX and Udacity and successfully completed and achieved certificates on many of them like Harvard CS50's introduction to Computer Science and MIT 6.001x introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Beside reading a lot of books in Computers and Programming I've also participated in many programming events "Hackathons" in the tracks of problem solving and software development that lasted for several days where I acquired a lot of experience and knowledge besides team work. Lately this year I started my carrer in web development and I've implemented many projects one of them was a university administritive website that help students and staffs to schedul and maintain their university accounts as well as connecting the students with the staff and professors. The website had positive reactions from many people. Till now I keep on developing myself in CS field (currently taking an online course in computer algorithms) and I still have a long way ahead with computers!

For long time I've been interested in Korea as a result of reading about Asian cultures and history, as well as watching many Korean dramas. My fascination with Korea lead me eventually this year to start self learning the Korean language. Where I relied on Internet resources to learn how to read and write in Hangul, speak and listen from native language speakers using some online language practicing platforms like Tandem. For me Korea is considered as a great place for studying and developing my skills in computer science and engineering as the universities in Korea are well-known and modernized in this fields besides my huge desire to visit Korea. My family financial situation can't offer me a good education at this point and I don't want to heavy on them with my studies anymore as they sacrificed a lot for me till now and it's time for me to start making them proud. So taking the KGSP would make a huge difference in my life and lead me to be more opened with the world, be up to date with new technologies as well as participating in developing new ones.
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Sep 6, 2018   #2
if i were you I would started my essay like this, because u just start your essay by restating your resume. U know what i mean ? try to come up with some hook!!! it makes you essay interesting leads reader to read it till the end

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