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Speech about the qualities of a good student

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Nov 11, 2012   #1
Good morning principal, teachers and all my fellow students. Today, I would like to thanks for Mr. Tan for giving me this opportunity to speech. My speech entitiled is 'qualities of a good student'.

First and foremost, we should hardworking. If we do not know the questions, we can ask the teachers. Thus, we can pass the exam with flying colours. we will get the result at high spirits. Our parents will proud of us.

Then, we should follow the rules and responsible. For instance, we should not blame the other people and admit our own mistake. Besides, we should queue up when we buy the food in the canteen.

Last but not least, we must make a timetable and follow what we wrote in the timetable. Besides that, we can exercise time after time because health is wealth. For instance, we can jogging, swimming and so on. Pretention is better than cure. Hence, we should exercise regularly.

In a nutshell, a good student must have this qualities. Thank you.
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Mar 20, 2017   #2
Cynthia, what is the word requirement for your speech? You have not managed to properly develop your speech into an informative one because you did not go into greater detail per paragraph topic / discussion. These are not truly informative facts because you have not represented the reasons why you believe that these qualities will make a student a "good student". The speech does not effectively inform the listener. As such, it cannot be considered a good speech or even an actual speech. An actual speech is at least one page long. This is only a half a page long at the most. You need to write more in terms of explaining the qualities of a good student based upon the traits you mentioned. Why are these qualities that make for a good student? Why do you believe that if the student listens to and follows your advice, that he will become a good student? List some questions you want to respond to within your speech that you can work into the paragraph about the trait you are discussing. That will expand the essay and also, make it more informative for the listener.

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