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How to improve English writing? Learning through reading.

I highly recommend watching a lot of documentaries! Learning is best done when it happens in an interactive and fun environment! Look up documentaries about subjects that you're interested in. Personally, I watched Crime documentaries. Also, application is key. It's not enough to just memorize 100 flashcards. Buy a vocabulary notebook that is small and portable. Whenever you learn a new word, write it down. Continue practicing by using it in your everyday writing and speaking. Hope this helps! Good luck!

I am here, too be a omniscient(being very optimistic so take with pinch of salt) in English.
I find foremost to do is to improve vocabulary, which will help you in all aspects of English.
Try to learn root words, common suffixes, prefixes. that way can learn expeditiously and efficiently.
incorporate vocabulary in daily usage.
Best regards

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