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"I can do it" app eassy for Computer Science major GKS_U

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Aug 26, 2023   #1

You can do it!

"Why can't you do this?" Saying these words to myself, I got up from my splintered bed with watery eyes, looking beeline at my reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall. I thought of drawing the reality of myself I want to, but did the time I am living in will let me do this? The time was full of discouragement, unloved, demotivation, and hand-to-mouth living.

Suddenly, I heard these words:
"If you can't do it yourself, do it for me instead!"
And looking in the direction of the voice, I saw my mother standing with hope and desire in her eyes. Her words and her aspirations awakened and taught me not to be apathetic and not to lose hope nothing ends. Still, I can do whatever I want.

Migrating to the city where I barely appraised anyone from the one I used to live with my Father, learning how to survive in these situations where you missed the warmth of your favorite person, I somehow managed to live that way, be habitual of seeing my dad on weekends, which enlarged my adoration for Him. Those weekends become the beautiful time of my life when I see the big picture of my family, smiling ear to ear, sitting with each other, hearing my younger brothers crack jokes, my one other brother's sports stories, my elder sister's sweet talks, my mom's motivational words and seeing my dad's love towards us. As time passed, I realized all I wanted throughout my life was for my family to be together like these moments. On the other hand, during the first year of my new school, when people acknowledged that I was an immigrant, they started criticizing me about why I had to come from a big city to this small one. I learned to stand up, be confident, and leave my comfort zone while facing them. One day at my school, when I was about to leave, I saw my Science teacher lying with a white cloth covering her body, almost losing her breath, waiting for rescue to get to the hospital. Watching her in that situation, I thought of helping her in that condition. Suddenly, consciousness hit me for mitigating her when I was neither a doctor nor a medical rescuer. I stand there watching my teacher struggling. After 45 minutes, the rescue team arrived and took her to the hospital. Then I moved from there to back home with my mind full of thoughts. With a preoccupied mind, I reached home and said something to my mom I didn't expect from myself. "Mom, I want to be a Doctor!" Listening to these words, my mom felt a little anxious about me because I had never talked about being a doctor, as this action was out of the blue. But she immediately shrugged off her concern and said, "It is alright to join the major you are interested in. My support is always with you!"

Days passed, and my second year of high school started when I had to choose my major. In the wink of an eye, I decided to go with Biology. Then my classes started, and the first impact of Biology on me took me aback. Still, I studied hard and tried to be more focused. However, in due course, I realized I was forcing myself to study science. But it was already the last year of my school. So, I was somewhat worried about my study. One day, I was going home from school with a heavy mind, completely forgetting that the next day would be the weekend. After arriving home, I found my siblings happier than before. Besides, my mother's extraordinary preparations made me emphasize what I was missing. Suddenly, my brother came and told me, "Dad is asking what you want to buy him for you?" Then I sensed that it must be because my dad would be paying a visit. And yes, I shoved off all the worries and shared the happiness with my family.

When my Father arrived, he brought something that changed the whole idea of my future. That something was a Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone. It was incredible because that was the first digital machine that came into our home. He started teaching us how to use it and showed us that this is the App Store and how you turn to download the applications from the App Store and use search engines to search for any query about any particular topic. In due time, I found myself being curious about the working of cell phones. I was looking for how smartphones work, how to fabricate applications, and how mobile phones resemble, which made me ask myself, "Are you interested in the computer world? " The thoughts roaming around my mind were, how am I going to help others? Even I thought if back then I saw my teacher suffering and I would be a computer expert, how was I supposed to help her? Afterward, I decided to think carefully about what to do next. Then, I elected to do something in the computer world and stick to my motto. Accordingly, my last year of school ended, and now it was time to choose subjects for college studies. Indeed, I go with a Computer Science major. During my first year at college, when I learned Computer Science for the first time, I experienced something my passion based on.
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Sep 12, 2023   #2
The GKS-U application essays follow a highly specific question and answer format. You must respond to a series of questions in a creative way, based on the questions asked. Those questions have to deal with your family background, academic accomplishments, and community relationshiops. You have not responded to any of those information needs in this essay. You went with what you think you should be discussing rather than using the information from the application packet. It is not that this essay is not useful, because certain part of it are definitely needed in the revised version. What you have to do now is set this version aside and write a second version that is more reviewer centered for your application. Use the guide questions when you write that version.

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