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Appealing aspects of Jacobs University's academic program

sqodirjanov 1 / 1  
Jan 26, 2019   #1
Some suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Supplement question #2

Which aspects of Jacobs University's academic program appeal to you the most and how will your past experiences, both academic and personal, fit in? (350 words or fewer)

The technology field has been expanding for the last decades continuously offering new opportunities to young ambitious people, thus attracting them. I myself became absorbed by it and chose to study Computer Science after I discovered that technology could ease my granddad's life as a farmer who had lost his health and fortune on the upkeep of his greenhouse. Weeks of thorough research on the best learning institution helped me to find out that Jacobs has numerous features that I admire.

Firstly, Jacobs University offers its students an opportunity to be involved in research and study projects earlier than other universities, and therefore students will never be limited to only textbooks but will also have a chance to explore issues beyond the boundaries of a regular class. That means that students with various perspectives engage in different challenges in order to gain collaboration skills and be exposed to obstacles and difficulties to learn how to overcome them. As a result, they grow acquiring invaluable skills that would groom them for the job market.

Secondly, most alumni closely cooperate with current students in the program development process to insure that the program meets each and everyone's needs in the class. Besides, some already-employed alumni may serve as a bridge between students and employers due to some intra-disciplinary courses during which students will be able to demonstrate their skills and talents and, consequently, maybe even secure a position in a company.

I believe that I am ready to embark on a study journey to a place like Jacobs for the following reasons. First, the university itself offers its students a study program designed considering their needs. So, regardless of my academic background, I will be able to get the most from the classes I will attend. Second, having constantly engaged in collaborative and organizational activities in my current workplace, I have gained communication skills and learnt the dos and don'ts of working in teams or organizing activity. Besides, my open-mindedness will be key to my effective cooperation as it compels me to contemplate others' opinion without rejecting them immediately.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,107 3258  
Jan 27, 2019   #2
Saidbek, The 2 paragraphs that you write which is supposed to explain the appealing reasons for choosing Jacob's sounds more like a cut and paste from some sort of website or student brochure. It does not really indicate a personal reason for the choice. Try to explain your reason less through memorized text and more through an ideal application of the teaching methods and laboratory offerings the university has.

Think of how you plan to enhance your skills and learning at the university. Focus on a project that you would like to implement on your grandfather's farm or a project you could have applied there (if the farm is no longer existing). This will show the reviewer that you have carefully considered the facilities and subjects offered in relation to your academic interests. It proves that you will be completing the course instead of possibly changing midstream, which is what your non-specific response indicates.

The alumni program of the university should not be a reason for your university choice. That should be the least of it since you are not even sure that you will be graduating from this course. Look for another reason. Something more specific to say, post graduate interests or professional goals that the university can help you achieve through various or specific programs. Don't focus on the alumni at this point. That is not a valid reason for the choice of university.

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