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"Briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities" - USC prompt

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Jan 3, 2014   #1
Do not hold back anything on this essay. I really wanna get into USC.

Working at GOALS was much more than a tutoring job. GOALS, a start-up company with fewer than ten employees, put on constant pressure to be efficient and to net the company more money than it was expending. In a way, this job was like being a salesman, a manager, a mentor, and a teacher all at the same time. My boss instructed me to treat each student as both a client and a co-worker; to treat them in a way that is beneficial to them, as well as fun, and non-stressful. Almost like a sheep herder. Stress on the almost.

I created this environment by pairing each student I had with a GOALS document: a spreadsheet that tracks long term and short term goals and progress, as well as evaluations made by me on the students' behalf. Inspired, I reviewed my own short term and long term goals, creating and tracking my very own spreadsheet!

A few weeks into my job I was given my own projects. These involved creating a colossal database for students to learn and improve at very specific kinds of math problems, and understand how to read and analyze charts and graphs. I was also given access to the office at all hours; my boss' way of letting me know I am trustworthy.

GOALS was an empowering learning experience. I now feel confident in my abilities not only as a tutor, but also as a growing individual.
500daysoftrisha 1 / 6 2  
Jan 4, 2014   #2
. Stress on the almost.

I would change the word 'stress' to 'emphasis', sounds more powerful

x x x x x

All in all I think this is pretty solid! I'm not sure what your maximum word limit for this is but if possible, I might elaborate on some things, like give quick examples of what your own goals were, and mention how many hours you devoted to this job. Commitment always looks good. Best of luck!

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