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Chemistry, calculus, English - Vanderbilt Supplement Essay

kgc123 3 / 7  
Dec 30, 2013   #1
Hi! I have been overwhelmed by the amount of "extracurricular activity" essays I have had to write recently so I am lacking inspiration. I wrote this essay yesterday and I am not sure if it says enough about myself and leadership (it REALLLY has to portray leadership qualities that I have)

Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences (Recommended length: 250 words)
Through the honor societies that I am involved in, I have been given the privilege of working with peers through my high school. I have gotten to tutor numerous students weekly that have honestly taught me more than I could ever relay to them. Chemistry, calculus, and English are just some of many of the subjects I have been able to help students with; however, I have taken real appreciation in my tutoring of one student name Cole. Cole is a freshman and I have only recently gotten the opportunity to work with him and yet he has caused me so much introspection. Cole contemplates and feels like any average fourteen year old yet he cannot express his thoughts clearly and fluidly. Even as a freshman, he struggles to read and write with the ease that most students take for granted. Thus, as I have worked with him on reading and writing skills I have truly explored the meaning of expression. On a daily basis, he has to learn new ways to express himself clearly to other people. Through weekly sessions after school, I have been able to learn Cole's language, the ways and idiosyncrasies in which he expresses his thoughts and feelings. I have connected with him through words, pictures, and sounds. Through him, I have honestly learned not to take for granted the seemingly trivial yet crucial blessings that each and every person beholds. This is a recognition that I hope to really impress upon people in the future.

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Dec 30, 2013   #2
also not sure if this is a good enough anecdote
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Dec 30, 2013   #3
I like the specific example "Cole" but I think you could have used more examples exemplifying this activities importance to you and the community. Hope I helped!

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