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'comprehension of collaboration based on understanding' - diverse michigan state

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Oct 6, 2011   #1
topic:If admitted to Michigan State, you will join a diverse community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Please respond to the following hypothetical situation: In your first-semester English course you are assigned a group writing project to be completed within a week. In addition to yourself, your group is comprised of five other students, some of whom are from different countries and/or have different racial/ethnic backgrounds than you. Please explain how your past life experiences will help you effectively collaborate with your group members in order to achieve success on this project.

here is my essay:

In the process of achieving success on this project, there is no denying that members' devotion plays a leading role. However, communication based on mutual understanding is even more significant. When it comes to this point, my last summer English course could help me out by offering opportunity of dealing with people that have different background.

The class was "unprecedented" diverse-out of total 10 members, we have one Korean boy, two Muslim girls and even one of our two American teachers has South African decent. Although diversity brought excitement, however, different accent and way of thinking meanwhile build a language barrier. Soon, the class was in danger of splitting up into pieces. As a member of the class, I decided to take the responsibility to "reverse the situation" .Although the language barrier seemed to be a formidable difficulty that is hard to overcome, I tried my best to communicate with everyone in the class as much as possible before taking action. Finally we signed on an agreement-changing the seats every week. In order to add much fun into my "policy", I tried out the magical software which could arrange our seats randomly. The innovation worked out perfectly and only few weeks later did we become friends with most of our classmates. Also, the custom gained a nickname-"a gift for the new week" and we expected the results every Monday as if eagerly to know the lottery number. As a result, the class became more and more united and won the first place in the tug-of-war.

Things went smoothly until one day's News Time. John, the Korean boy, brought a topic about China's pork price. Without realizing the Muslim's anger, we all burst out discussing or more like complaining. This really offended them. In the end, Abby and June couldn't bear anymore and rushed out of the classroom. All at once, we were "petrified". Recognizing that for Muslim pig is treated as deity, we suddenly realized how serious our mistake was. Immediately, we made a formal apology for our careless offence and soon received forgiveness by virtue of their leniency. Meanwhile, our relationship became closer than ever. Since then, I began to learn about different culture patterns, especially religions. I promised myself to show more respect to racial difference and spare no efforts in avoid crash.

From experience mentioned above, I have a deeper comprehension of collaboration based on understanding. No matter how different they might be, we can be friends because we have passion and mutual respect. I am looking forward to attending university as well as having friends "from another world".

thanks a lot!!!

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