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A concept I find so engaging that I lose all track of time. Who I turn to when I need help.

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Dec 6, 2021   #1

My Passion for Science

I was always passionate about science. Although I love many other subjects such as math, physical education and language, science fascinates me the most. Whether it's learning about wildlife, energy or the human body, I developed an interest in science early on. My curiosity in science sparked when we learned about space in grade 6. The concept that the universe is never-ending baffled me. I watched numerous films, videos and even purchased a few books. When I started to learn more and more about science, I learned about Einstein's theory of relativity. His idea that time moves slower if you travel at the speed of light truly captivated me, edging me to think outside the box. While studying science, I feel wrapped around it, almost as if everything around me is frozen. I could go on and on learning notions, challenging ideas and gaining a vast amount of knowledge. If I am ever stuck or confused, I look to my dad for help. Similar to me, he also shares a great interest in science. One of my favourite pastimes with my dad is watching sci-fi movies, as not only do they bring a lot of fun and entertainment but valuable information. Overall, science as a whole fascinates me. In school, science is my go-to material. It's a subject that enables me to solve problems and make educated decisions, but most importantly, it inspires me to think differently.
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Dec 6, 2021   #2
Science is the all encompassing systematic study of an area of interest based on research and experimentation. It is not a concept. Astronomy is the concept of science that deals with the material universe beyond the earth's atmosphere. Based upon what you have written here, you are interested in and often find yourself engaged in Astronomy as a concept. Your reference to science is too generalized and your reference to an interest in the study of the universe is more popularly known as Astronomy. It would serve you well to revise your essay in relation to a more appropriate reference of your interest in the study of the universe, skipping the science reference altogether since it tends to confuse your explanation.

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