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Teenagers are likely to lose track of their time on playing video games so they exercise less

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Jul 12, 2021   #1

the effects of video games on youngsters

Young teenagers are likely to lose track of their time on playing video games so they spend less time on doing physical activities. I will give you an account of the reasons and I think this phenomenon has negative effects.

First and foremost, the biggest reason is the development of urbanization and industrialization. Computer games play a crucial role in our lives to help people to ease their stress and let their hair down. However, young adults waste their time to glue their eyes on it without spending time doing exercises. Secondly, because parents are up to their ears with their work, they do not have enough time to remind their child to attend outdoor activities. For example, if parents take a yoga course for their offspring, child will be more motivated to take part in

It has two main negative developments for young adults if we do not have the solutions. First, one of the major issues related to this is that children will suffer from some diseases like heart attack and eyestrain. For example, they could not do strenuous and backbreaking types of labor when they grew up. In addition, the burning and itchy sensations will be great trouble. Second, another serious problem is that children with a sedentary lifestyle tend to be anti-social because they prefer to stay in their rooms to play games rather than hang out with their friends, leading to an isolated society.

In conclusion, computer games are played more time by youths than sports for two reasons mentioned above and it seems evident that this development will do harm to them
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Jul 15, 2021   #2
It would appear that the writer tried to develop his own writing prompt based on a popular task 2 practice topic. The student did not know how to develop a proper topic and response scenario for the topic. That is why the Issay provided is confusing to the reader. The writer did not consider that this topic always uses a cause and effect writing format. That is why the discussion provided is incomplete and not really applicable to a task 2 essay application. Had this been an actual test, the writer would have failed based on an incomplete discussion presentation.

There are always 2 reasoning paragraph presentations. The writer cannot provide only one aspect of the discussion as that would make the essay fail in the TA (prompt adherence) and C + C discussion presentation sections.

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