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Design cultures - The Global UGRAD Program is for young leaders

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Dec 28, 2021   #1
The Global UGRAD Program is for young leaders committed to serving their home communities.

Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program?

Here in Korea, the meaning of the name is considered to influence one's life so people name their baby based on yin and yang theory rooted in Asian philosophy. My name 'Hyunseo' means 'spread the light', composed by my grandfather to light up this world. Like sunlight could permeate into everything and brighten them, I am an artist and a writer who wants to share joy and hope with other people throughout the pursuit of strong enthusiasm for my career.

Majoring in such a practical field, Design not only has taught me the knowledge and artistic ability but also gave me the genuine attitude toward life, to make accomplishments through continuous efforts and repetition. Leading several branding project teams I learned to cooperate while respecting each other's independent artistic views and successfully led us to participate in school exhibitions and excellent grades. In that process, I gained interest to participate in broader aspects of the culture industry, to organize and analyze with thorough contemplations. Soon I worked as an intern at the pop culture magazine 'Star in News', learned how to write articles and deliver messages effectively in public.

Based on my achievements as a designer and interests in journalism, I earned a chance to start an internship at TV CHOSUN, a network owned by the biggest newspaper group in Korea. I was deeply inspired by how so many people were working for a piece of television news, and the impacts it had. News media were the place for debates and raising social waves with powerful messages. Participating in the team boiled my blood with passion. I realized the importance of righteous and fair media, determined to exercise journalistic leverage in Korean culture scenes in the future.

I am very delighted for the recent worldwide interest in Korean culture and its rapid evolution but our country needs to try harder to provide better infrastructures and mediums. Major broadcasts behave as other things always matter more and there is less room for constructive discussions and embracements of diversity and awareness in culture scenes, even at the production phase. I foresee its breakdown by the voices of the future generation and I ought to make a content platform where everybody could gain access to cultural experiences and share healthy opinions, free from restrictive and manipulative algorithms. Therefore, I hope to acquire the spirits of freedom and diversity from the country of freedom and opportunity. For the goal of making a leading digital media company, I seek to study science in information networking for a master's degree and I hope my experience at the UGRAD exchange program could guide me to the chance for the Fulbright scholarship later on. I also wish to face the challenges and adapt to the lifestyle of a college student in the U.S beforehand.

Culture is an absolute factor that enriches human life and is a major virtue and the finest value a country could obtain. America is the center of modern heritage and will be the homeland of countless works of Art hereafter. I desire to take this program as an opportunity to stay together with people who are embodied to treasure and progress the cultural industry. Taking the honor to meet and learn from great scholars and experts in the field is very valuable for me to step into my career at the universal phase, also improving my English skills. If my will for shared reality, to make a blissful world of culture for humanity meets the purpose of the UGRAD program, you will never regret choosing me as one of your participants.

This is my first draft, any opinions are welcomed.
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Dec 28, 2021   #2
I am an artist and a writer

Think about this for a second. Can you remember a time when you showed early leadership skills and talent through these methods? How would you say these 2 factors have helped you develop your leadership skills if at all? Why do you think these elements are important factors to find in an emerging leader?

deliver messages effectively in public

This is a skill found in young leaders who are trying to blaze a trail in their business. Can you improve on this presentation by focusing on your leadership participation in these academic settings? That would be a reference to a community that you took a lead in developing. Never lose track of the focus, that is, an emerging community leader. So deliver true leadership potential discussions within your essay. These should connect to social, cultural, and diverse leadership roles for you.

UGRAD exchange program could guide me to the chance for the Fulbright scholarship later on

Do not spread a wide net. Stick to the Ugrad program discussion first. Do not get ahead of yourself. Remove this whole reference.

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