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"The disability of ADD; my life in China, Canada, and America" my personal statement.

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Dec 2, 2010   #1
The best teacher for all the people over the world is having an interest in a subject, especially for me, a boy with the disability of ADD. Despite of the difficulty caused by the ADD, my interest in IT, which symbolizes Information Technology, makes me skillful in this area. In addition, it gives me, together with my parents, the confidence to be an independent man in the future.

I was born in Beijing, the capital of P.R. China. I was diagnosed with a disability when I was three years old. My speaking was delayed and unclear; my action was awkward; I was different from other children. Nevertheless, I had some special skills; I could read many Chinese letters even though I did not know the exact meaning of them; and I showed a great interest in IT. I could read some books in this area when I was in kindergarten. My mother once told me that my father asked help from me if he had some problems on his computer, even though he had masters degree at that time, of course his major is not in IT.

When I was seven years old, I went to an elementary school near my house. I have to say it was a miserable experience. Some classmates always bullied and mocked at me because of my disability, and the teacher did not prevent this kind of behavior. My parents were so worried about me that they decided to immigrate to Canada.

We went through the process of the immigration successfully, and in the summer of 2001 my family landed in Vancouver, Canada. I began a totally new life in this beautiful country. I had an Education Assistant to help me in the classroom; classmates were much more friendly than those in China; I felt happy and comfortable, and I have never stopped appreciating my parents' decision to immigrate.

What makes me more satisfied is that there are many public libraries in Canada; that's wonderful! I could borrow and read many books in IT, and my knowledge in this area developed promptly. In the Westridge Elementary School, the teachers called me computer geek, and if the IT staff was absent from the school, they asked me to deal with those problems. I was proud about myself with these skills because children in the same age could not be so excellent as me.

My life in Canada was filled with enjoyment and peace; however, to my parents, life in Canada was not easy, they could not find appropriate jobs there because they didn't have degrees acknowledged by North America. To change this situation, my father went to Simon Fraser University to study for the PhD in Physics; after four years of study, he graduated. He tried hard to find a job in Canada. Unfortunately he had no chance. Most jobs in the high-tech area are in USA; he could find this kind of job here; as a result, all my family moved to Seattle, WA in 2008.

My life in USA is similar to that in Canada, cheerful and peaceful; what's different is that my father is working instead of studying. Here, in USA, I insist on developing my computer skills; I surf on the Internet and borrow books to read in order to get more knowledge in IT. Still there was something new for me, I participated in the Olympics Contest in USA, and now I am in the team of Bronze. Of course, I am not satisfied with the performance in the contest; I think I can enter into the higher team if I can study computer science in a great university.

In addition to devoting myself to studying computer science, I try to study English, Math, Physics, and soon. However, except for Math, I can not get good grades in other courses; I am simply not interested in them. Furthermore, my addiction to computer research disturbs my studies in other courses. I cannot stop thinking about computers even when I am taking other courses. My knowledge is limited in the area of IT, that's why I get bad grades in the writing section of the SAT test.

Frankly speaking, my disability brings a lot of problems to my family, the school and myself. However, the situation has become better and better. Mostly I can study independently. I am more and more mature than before. ADD can be overcome along with the age. I believe I will be a successful man who has outstanding skills in the IT area. The premise, of course, is that I can go to a university just like UW(Seattle) to study as an undergraduate.

Home / Undergraduate / "The disability of ADD; my life in China, Canada, and America" my personal statement.
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