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What is the cause of some anti social behavior? What can be the solution?

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Jan 7, 2016   #1
Incidents of anti-social behavior and lack of respect to each other are increasing nowadays. What is causing this? What can be the solution? Include relevant examples in your response.

Some disrespectful behavior to each other increases dramatically these days. These rude behaviors have many roots. However, these kinds of behavior can be reduced by several ways.

To begin with, there are many reasons why young generation do not respect other people in comparison with the previous generation. These days some negative thought among young generation increases a lot, because of increasing the gap between poor and rich. Therefore, some children cannot tolerate these situation and they show some bad behaviors. Also, because of rising the standard of living, people should work hard and study in higher education, therefore, they put under huge pressure. People lose their patients and their discipline and show some bad habits. For example, when I study during exam, I cannot tolerate any noise which makes me upstate.

However, there are several ways to reduce these aggressive atmosphere. First, by increasing the awareness of public, people can learn how to control themselves in different situations in which other do not respect. Holding many free conferences, teaching students at schools and showing several T.V programs can teach citizens how to behave each other respectfully. For example, I went to seminars which my university held to teach students. Moreover, having high paying job opportunities, individuals do not have to work a lot and better economic situation helps people to have less pressure. Therefore, people have free mind to undergo some rude behavior.

In conclusion, increasing many pressure on people because of poor economy and the differences of earning money among people causes many anti- social behavior, while by improving the average economy and teaching some formal rules among people may reduce some unusual behavior.

Home / Writing Feedback / What is the cause of some anti social behavior? What can be the solution?
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