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Fashion School Admission Essay; Drawing and sewing dresses

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Jul 6, 2018   #1

What appeals to you about the major you are considering in FIDM?

Many years ago, I was a first grader who loved drawing sailor moon with her stunning costumes, while other boys in the class were drawing robots. The seed that I was attracted by fashion design got planted at that moment. From time to time, I have drawn down numerous fashion figures with whatever ideas coming across my mind. However, I did not really pursuit to become a fashion designer. In fact, I majored in accounting during the time in university and worked as accountant after graduation.

Until one day, 4 years ago, I accidentally found a summer course for basic sewing and patterning skills. I, then, realized that I had never made my drawing come to life by actually making them into garments. The idea of doing that made me so excited. So, I signed up that summer course to put magic on my drawing to turn them into real garments. I not only had a wonderful time with learning to make a dress from draft but also am amazed by discovering how quickly I could comprehend instructor's tips as a beginner. After that course, everything was taking off. I got hired by an athletic wear manufacturing company as a sampling assistant. I learned many skills to handle knitted fabrics with large elasticity when sewing them into garments. In the meanwhile, my friend who owns a shop for lady's wear told me "do you want to sell your designs in my shop"? I seized this chance to see what will people feedback to me. The result was great; my pieces were sold out in a short period of time. And many more opportunities like this came to me.

That short-term fashion design course was a wakening call for me to follow my true passion. I want to express myself by telling stories through my collections. I also want women in different generations to find confidence by wearing my clothes. This is such a big dream to achieve. I have earned some experiences from my job and projects, but they were not fully related to the design part. Hence, in my opinion, it is a excellent decision for me to go back to professional school to understand thoroughly the process of design and practical skills, such as computer aid design, patterning and draping technical, to help me develop my own collection. Plus, there will be many fashion students growing up in different backgrounds with various aesthetics in the school. I believe working with them on assignments will not only inspire me but also spark innovative ideas for fashion among us. Lastly, FIDM has multiple connections with famous designers and international brands which is beneficial for me to seek for an internship and I also want to be able to use these connections to have a competitive ranking in job market after graduation.

My way finding the career path that I have passion for might be detoured. The result, nevertheless, was worth my time. Drawing dresses and sewing them into garments make me feel so alive. I still remember the thrill that first time my dress was wore by a real person, the satisfaction that people complimented how they appreciated my designs, the ecstasy that my piece was sold, the achievement that I set up a sample room on my own, the request from my manager; and the excitement that an investor asked me to help him start a brand for yoga outfits. My feelings for fashion design more than words can describe. There are endless energy and ideas inside me waiting to be shown to this world. I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life.

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Jul 8, 2018   #2
Nai, the application essay is asking you to consider how the course requirements for your chosen major at the university ties in with your interests, talents, skills, and potential for academic and professional growth. It is not asking you to write about the foundation of your interest and when you realized you had an eye for fashion. That is why I am of the opinion that the essay you wrote is not proper for the prompt and you should not use this essay for the application.

The prompt is very clear. You have to discuss the reasons that you chose to major in this course at FIDM. That covers the subjects, training, mentor programs, student community, after school activities, and other aspects of academic and personal growth that can be enhanced by attending FIDM and completing the course you have chosen. Think along those terms. Here are some additional guide questions that can help you write a new essay.

1. What is your chosen major? What appeals to you about it?
2. What were your academic considerations when choosing your fashion school?
3. When and how did you hear about FIDM?
4. What made FIDM stand out for you?
5. What made you choose this major at FIDM?
6. Explain how FIDM can help you meet your academic and career goals upon graduation

These are the most basic guide questions that can help you develop a more targeted response to the essay. Right now, there is no focus at all on your chosen major in line with your choice of fashion school in your current essay. You aren't being asked to write a personal statement that explains the development of your interest. Rather, you are being asked to relay information regarding the how and why of your choice of fashion major and the university to study at.

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