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Goal of study & Study Plan

My main educational objective is to obtain an undergraduate degree in microbiology and to have an in-depth knowledge of Korean culture. I have had a keen interest in microbiology, and diseases caused by microbes since I was a child. Moreover, I have a passion for helping people who are susceptible to pathogens by providing knowledge about immunity and how to take proper prevention or cure measures. I believe, my passion to contribute to the community, with the desire to do chosen things with perfection would help me to achieve the best result as a student.

All of us are humans and just like any other human, I get burnt out when I spend the majority of my day continuously working without taking a break. Therefore, I use some study techniques that match my pace. Firstly, I would create a realistic schedule in google calendar with appropriate breaks. This would help me track my progress and feel excited about completing my task as a reward in the form of a break awaits me. I do so in order to not overwhelm myself with the thought of completing work as doing so would make me feel stressed and would lead to me procrastinating the work instead of getting it done. Including breaks in my schedule would make me feel reassured that I would have time to take a break and this break won't ruin my overall schedule.

As I enter the academic year I would put all my effort into studying and spend most of my time reading thesis materials in the library. Being a person who is striving to know more, I would try my best to acquire knowledge from any other opportunities that I would find like conference training, seminars, and comprehensive lectures, and doing my research papers and experiments together with my professors. I would also make sure to pass all of my academic courses with a GPA of 3.5 or 4. Through attending this undergraduate program I plan to team up with fellow undergraduate students to tackle individual pathogenic health issues. I would note down every assignment and test schedule using google calendar and notes so that I could reduce my burden by completing a small portion of the task daily.

Before I start my academic year, I would go through my universities website so that I could train myself to be the model student that the universities are looking for in a student. I would download a copy of their academic calendar so that I can schedule my study plans in advance for the upcoming semester exams. Before my classes, I would read the topics that would be taught in the class so that I can avoid asking trivial doubts and also avoid getting bored in class as I can prepare genuine doubt on the topic being taught in advance. It would also pose as a revision method for me. Through this unique experiences and cultural backgrounds that each of the participants possesses, I also plan to conduct thorough research and experiments on how microbiology can help resolve individual and community issues, especially in the urban and rural areas of both India and Korea. I look forward to being an active participant and a willing student ready to learn from rich and diverse experiences present in the classroom and I would always be active in my university life. I will always take all the newly learned things as an opportunity and would devote my time to increasing my expertise in microbiology practically and theoretically. Lastly, when I am awarded this scholarship, I would contribute my innovative ideas and knowledge to the development of research at my university and to society by implementing my problem-solving skills and expertise into practice. I would do my best to be an asset to the university. I have the ability to self-study. After class, I would watch educational YouTube videos on my syllabus to understand what was taught in class on a deeper level.

I would participate in sports, volunteering work, workshops, and clubs so that I can gain experiences and certificates which would make my resume look presentable. It would also help me improve my leadership and communication skills, teaching me the value of group work. I want to maximize my productivity and make the most out of this scholarship. I would attend private tuition and buy study materials to build a strong base on my major.

Once my semester ends, I would invest my free time in preparing for the next semester by reading over thesis materials. I would also look for internship offers and would do part-time jobs related to my major like a microbiology lab assistant. If given an opportunity, I would also like to drop by my university research lab to help my professors with their ongoing research work. I would read research papers published by my professors and other professors belonging to my field. Then I would email professors whose research work attracted me, requesting a temporary lab assistant or internship position in their lab. I would also like to publish my own research someday, thus I would also email professors, asking if I could conduct my own research under their assistance and possibly publish it one day. By the last week of my vacation, I would reach out to my professors, thanking them for their dedicated investment in my education, and also letting them know that I am excited for the next semester.

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Sep 14, 2022   #2
Do not confuse the goal of study and study plan with how you plan to spend the academic year /semester. The goal of study should target the discussion of what you plan to focus your studies on and why. Use a thesis proposal discussion for this. What do you want to learn about and why ? What is the focus of your microbiology study? No reviewer will believe that you have had an interest in this since childhood. Maybe as a teenager but definitely not as a child.

The study plan should explain how you plan to learn something specific in the course and how Korea is the only country that offers this unique learning opportunity. learning or the study plan should not be limited to university exposure alone. Explore all the possible microbiology learning avenues available. Prove you are familiar with all the course learning opportunities in Korea. Let the reviewer know you have assessed the learning field for this course in Korea.

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