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high school marching band - UF application essay! On topic?

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Oct 20, 2008   #1
Hi! Can you please read my essay and correct me on grammer, spelling, etc? And see if my essay fits the topic? Thank you so much!

Essay Topic: Describe a meaningful event, experience or accomplishment in your life and how it will affect your college experience or your contribution to the UF campus community. You may want to reflect on your family, your school or community activities, or your involvement in areas outside of school.


Some of our life experiences are insignificant and will fade away in time while others are momentous and will forever be embedded in our memories. But no matter how big or small the experience was they will shape us into the person that we are today. As I look back at all the things that I have gone through in the past 17 years of my life I realize that the determination and dedication that I have in everything I do and my organizational skills was all due to my experience in high school marching band.

Before entering high school I have played the flute for three years in middle school and when I decided to continue with band in high school I did not think much of it. I thought that marching band was just going to be another elective that I have chosen to take but I was wrong. Band taught me so much more than how to play the flute and march on the field. It was because of band that I have learned the importance of dedication, determination, and organization.

Marching band is like one big machine. When all the parts are working together the machine runs smoothly but if one of the parts are not cooperating the machine stops working. Marching band consists of hundreds of students and, just like a machine, if one member of the band decides to not give in 100% the band will fall apart. Each and every member must be dedicated to the band in order to carry out a triumphant show. I have learned that it takes dedication and determination not only to create a successful band but to live a successful life. I will always be at least 110% dedicated to what I do, from being in class everyday to making sure my work is done. And through my determination, ensure that every single thing I do in college is the best that it can be.

With all the tests, homework, and projects that must be completed in high school it becomes like a circus show to see who can effectively juggle everything. Being in band required me to put in a lot of my time; I had Tuesday night practices from 6-9, Thursday afterschool practices, Friday night football games, and various weekend march-a-thons. Because I had to worry about band and make sure that all of my school work is done I learned how to organize my schedule and indirectly my life. I was able to successfully participate in all of my band activities and still achieve an A average in all of my classes. The organizational skills that I took from being in band will help me tremendously in college because I will be able to juggle all of my classes, keep at least a B average, and even participate in some of the universities clubs.

With all of these attributes that I have gained through my high school marching band experience I will be able to contribute many things to the University of Florida as well as make my college experience a successful one. I will always be dedicated to all of my classes, be determined to make everything I do the best it can be, and remain organized while I'm doing everything. I want nothing more than to be a part of this Great Gator Nation and by applying all of my attributes make my mark as a student of the University of Florida.

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Thank you so much again!

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