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High technology, mental healthcare - Life today is easier and more comfortable

iamviola 1 / -  
Sep 23, 2012   #1
Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children.

The improving quality of people's life and the developing level of the whole society is correlated to each other closely. The continuing progressive society brings us an easier and more comfortable life than we ever had before, much less than the life that our grandparents' generation had. There are many reasons for us to cherish and be optimistic about the desirable life we are having now.

First of all, high technology bring about a great many convenience and amenity. When you want to contact people ,you can use your cellphone to call them ,you can fax them ,you can surf internet to compose a email or even use video camera to talk with people who is million miles away face to face. When you want to exercise in a rainy day ,you get a gym just near your apartment with all the fancy facilities. When you want to have a vacation abroad, all you need to do is call the flight ticket agency and take less than one day time to fly to there in a cozy cabin. In my city ,one out of five people have their private cars. Thanks for all these advanced and remarkable technological innovation, we are moving forward in to a society full with so called creature comforts, which is definitely unparalleled with the years that our grandparents even needed to worry about the basic living requirement ,such as food ,housing, etc .

Beyond that, people's mental health are taken care of more than before. Besides the materialistic change in people's life nowadays, the society is making a huge progress in terms of psychological aspect. Numerous counseling services are accessible for ordinary people. Scientists put a lot of attention on the research related to how to make people's life easier and happier. In the university, all the students would enjoy their psychology courses which help them dealing with various difficulties in their college life. Even the prisoners in the jail in the modern society are exposed to the rehabilitation which could give them new opportunities and human rights to be a better people. It's unbelievable and inconceivable you can find out those listed above in our grandparents' generation.

Furthermore, there are more accesses to people's personal achievement. Investing on personal improvement ,such as education ,fitness, versatility, increase the entire quality of people. For instance, 130thousand Chinese students went to America for further education, this is the statistics reported by ABC. Correspondingly, after the overall improvement of literacy, people's awareness of environment, consciousness of responsibility, level of sophistication, concept of community, constitute a more harmonious homeland.

In all, the high technology, better cared mental health , more accessible personal improvement are three epitomes of our more comfortable and easier life for today.
ah_zafari [Contributor] 40 / 672 148  
Sep 23, 2012   #2
The improvment of quality of people's life and the development oflevel of the whole society levelisare correlated to each other closely.

Do not use "the" before a verb.

There are many reasons f

which reasons? it would be better to briefly state these reasons at the end of the introduction. You talked about technology, medicine, and education through second, third and forth paragraphs, respectively. So, you can write the last sentence of the introduction in this way:"Nowadays, the standard of living is better because of technological, medical and educational issues." . In this way you can show that what issues are going to be discussed in the body. For more information google "blueprint in essay/writing".

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