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For interview about entire university

Dhae_89 1 / -  
Apr 4, 2019   #1

self introduction for the university

Sure my pleasure
I'll be happy to

Hello professors, I'm really honored to be here today.My name is Darren, My friend call me niuchond,they alway say I'm a tender people,and I consider myself as a good listener who is listen people's perspective and idea.

In highschool period,I was impressed by English drama which I took charge of actor and edition.Before English drama, I'm afraid of talking English to people,After this activity,I gradually realized that I should improve my English grammar and verbal ability,so that can use on work and around the world

I really want to be part of department of Applied English,and use my power to make student love Studying language,I Will put what I learn in university into practice effectly in future

Above all is myself introduce, I very want to learn from u ,thanks professors.

terminal28 4 / 20 5  
Apr 4, 2019   #2
I like the structure of (current post, previous post, why this post) in answering the "Tell Me About Yourself" type of interview question. I made a few suggestions below for your consideration.

... honoured to be here today. My name is Darren and I would describe myself as someone who is compassionate and who listens to other people's perspectives and ideas. [What are you currently doing that is related to the post you are applying for]

In high school, I was impressed ... charge of "actor and edition". Before English drama, I was afraid of speaking English to people, but after engaging in this activity, I gradually realized that I need to improve my English grammar and speaking skills, so that I can use these skills in my work and travels around the world.

... Applied English, and use my knowledge and skills to inspire students who enjoy studying language. I hope to put what I learn ... [for example?]

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