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"Knowledge is power" - Kean University-Educational and professional career objectives

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Nov 26, 2011   #1
Kean University Essay Topic: Please express your educational and professional career objective.

Without an extended education, individuals will most likely have many struggles throughout their life. We live in a very competitive world, especially with the economy being the way it is. Academic s at an institute of higher learning and the profession one desires to obtain go hand and hand. In order to be the best in your field, you must acquire as much knowledge as possible during your years of study. Like what Francis Bacon once said, "Knowledge is power" which still holds true till this day.

I have many things I plan on accomplishing during the course of my life, and it all starts with an education. Learning new things can be very enjoyable, and there is no greater feeling in the world then when you understand the material being taught or solving an equation that been troubling you. I am interested in many fields of study and I am still deciding on which major to pursue. What I do know for sure is that whatever the major be, I plan on obtaining a master's and or a doctorate degree. Receiving a bachelor's degree is a great achievement in itself, but I want to be as knowledgeable as I can be. In order to be successful in my career, I want to be as prepared as possible heading off to my profession. Furthering my studies in graduate school is the best way I can do that.

My role model in life is Warren Buffett, when I look at what he has done with his livelihood, it inspires me to put my heart and soul into my work. No matter what career I choose to pursue, I intend on becoming very successful at it, and achieve greatness in my profession. Once I start my career, I will use the skills that I developed during my school years to reach my full potential. I am not satisfied with being average; there is always room for improvements regardless how good an individual is at something. I aim on improving everyday and to continue to learn new things despite finishing my studies.Moving up in a career can be difficult, but with a good work ethic and determination I hope to do so in record time. When it is all said and done I want to be remembered for my hard work and for what I contributed to my profession, which my goal is to be a lot.

I feel fortunate to understand how important an education really is, we cannot go far in life without one. After I graduate high school and attend a university, I will make the best of it by absorbing all the information offered to me. Working for a master's or a doctorate will satisfy my want for a full understanding of the major I choose to go after. Once I am off to the real world I will be equipped with the knowledge I need to thrive in my profession.When I retire, I want to have everything accomplished that I put my mind to many years ago.

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Nov 28, 2011   #2

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They are basically asking you what you are going to do with your education once you have it. Think about what you'd like your life to look like, after college. What type of career do you see yourself having? How will attending university help you achieve that? What, besides work, might be affected in your life? A greater understanding of the world? A glimpse into other cultures? Better social skills? Better communication skills? More understanding of technology?

I can't get too specific since I don't know what you'll be majoring in, but perhaps these questions will be enough to get you started.

Best of luck in your studies!

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