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Life of Pi; Columbia Supplement/Meaningful Book:

gayboose 1 / -  
Dec 29, 2012   #1
Write about one of the book you mentioned (Life of Pi) and how it was meaningful (or something like this).
Please help! Do you guys think I stayed on topic?

What makes a philosopher? Will it be a purveyor of esoteric ontological questions? Or will it be anyone who contributes some unique perspective to the repertoire of human thought? The philosopher may encompass these attributes, but the most important ones rise out of necessity. They embody the cultural conflicts in some critical moments of their societies' timelines. Their resolutions, then, illustrate the zeitgeist of their societies and the values of those who identify with their works. Revolutionary America had Thomas Paine; Revolutionary France had Voltaire; today, we seem to have Yann Martel.

Though I hadn't believed in the tenants of any religion when I read Life of Pi, I was still keen on the idea of a spiritual presence in the universe. I'll admit my belief was more an emotional protest against my empiricist attitude than it was a firm conviction that others have, but I still held on to quiet hope. Martel's novel presented two choices to me: the more fantastical story of courage and spiritual perseverance or the bleak and yeast-less factuality of life. Taken as a practice in Pragmatism, Life of Pi presented these choices not only on the grounds of objective evidence but also the practical considerations of the individual's values. I then realized it was fine that I privileged empirical reality, whatever it may be, more than spirituality-but I could appreciate and respect those who thought differently. In this sense Life of Pi is most significant in relating the spiritual confusion more and more Americans, including myself, experience even as it's unfashionable to speak about it.
mannam 4 / 11  
Dec 30, 2012   #2
Its a good essay. However, I think you are repeating the book name "Life of Pi" too much, but i think thats unavoidable. Since the topic itself is pretty ambiguous, asking you to write how the book was meaningful, you are pretty much on topic. I understood this and your writing really kept my attention!

Good Luck! :D
(PS Can you like this comment? I need to delete one of my topics lol)
katev 18 / 120 24  
Dec 30, 2012   #3
I'm writing about Life of Pi as well! I feel the same way about the book's meaning to me! However, I think you use words that sound very forced. Your use of synonyms makes it seem as though you had the original word and then searched for the most complicated replacement. You definitely have an elevated style of writing, but your use of phrases like "purveyor of esoteric ontological questions" or "zeitgeist" seem a little out of place still

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