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Literature and Foreign Languages - Autobiography to apply to university

hainhi17 1 / -  
Jan 6, 2019   #1

I am a luftmensch girl

Born in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi - a densely populated metropolitan city with both imposing buildings, complex apartments and also ancient towns, I soon got accustomed to the haste and incessant roar here. However, as Chinese people said: "愛國如家", I honestly hold great affection for my stunning country despite its restriction. I fall in love with winter though people rarely adore it. Not only was I borned in this time, but I also addicted to dull wintery weather that does make me have the desire to swiftly back to my cozy home so as to taste my mother's dishes and converse with my beloved people after an industrious day.

Frankly, I am a luftmensch girl. My favorite pieces of life are generally dramatical fictions, romantic movies and mellow melodies. Besides, "vulnerable and emotional" are my characteristics; It found not difficult for me to shed tears even once saw the scene of an abandoned kitty on TV. Therefore, it can be considered as a reason whether I am keen on elegant customs of traditional Chinese and gradually lose heart to them. Additionally, the Tainan, Taiwan is actually a proper territory for me because of both its tranquility, humans' courteousness and prosperity, especially the remarkable education .

As soon as I was at primary school, I was extremely a literature and foreign languages enthusiast. I habitually get used to exploring my own queries about literature and languages by investigate information, make questions for adults and so on. In my memory, when I was at grade 5, I had read the Sans famille composed by the France novelist Hector Malot in Vietnamese. Perhaps, impressed by the Vietnamese's translation, I groped on the internet for getting some interesting aspects involving in this original novel and the great novelist Hector Malot.

It can be honestly said I seize amazing opportunities to approach to Literature and Foreign Languages during my high school time. I had carried off some Literature prize in my area and commenced Chinese learning at grade 10 when my school initiated an evening class for Chinese - enthusiast students. Whereas, English has been evenly made much progress thanks for the continuous endeavour by myself. Thus, it is prominent that I be greatly matured from this moment.

Holt - / 7,532 2001  
Jan 7, 2019   #2
Brenna, while the term that you chose to describe yourself is impressive because it is not an English word, I do not think that you are familiar enough with the meaning to want to use it to describe your character. The word refers to "an impractical contemplative person having no definite business or income". Being a contemplative person is fine, but being of an impractical character will not impress the reviewer. Please consider using a different word to describe yourself. Don't try to impress the reviewer with your vocabulary, just be simple and direct to the point. You are not really describing your character here nor as you really referring to hobbies that you do for fun.

When you describe your character, try to describe your character from an insightful angle. What do you think your strongest and weakest character points are? Discuss those two aspects to show a balanced representation of the type of student community member you might be. As for your hobbies, try to find some hobby that you might be able to share as an interest with other residents of the campus. That way you will have something in common with the others and show the reviewer that you might be able to immerse yourself successfully with the campus community and its other members.

By the way, change the Chinese characters to the English alphabet. The reviewer's keyboard will not be set to translate Chinese characters so you will leave him wondering about what those characters mean in English and how it applies to your essay.

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