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my Master's Degree in Science - Emory RE: why are you applying

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Nov 20, 2012   #1
Please be brutal. Thank you(:

Prompt: What are the unique qualities of Emory University, and the specific school(s) to which you are applying (Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Oxford College, or both), that make you want to become part of Emory University? In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified? Please limit your response to 250 words.

Already known for their prestigious biological sciences program, I hope to attend Emory University as a Biology major. Not only would the large variety of enriching classes satisfy my lustful hunger for wisdom in this area but it would also provide me with knowledge for which I will extrapolate in order to excel and obtain my baccalaureate and continue my journey towards obtaining my Master's Degree in Science.

Aside from the beautiful campus, diverse majors, and enriching classes, I believe Emory to be considerably attractive because of their study abroad and research opportunities. Emory's biology department offers a semester long study abroad program in Melbourne, Australia. As a child, my dream has always been to explore the wonders of Australia. With the study abroad program, I would be able to absorb the enriching knowledge and culture of Australia while utilizing their research facilities.

Furthermore, in the duration of my internship in USC's stem cell research facilities, I have come across various research articles pertaining to HIV research that have sparked my interest. I plan to begin my undergraduate research in pursuit of a greater understanding of HIV. Emory is known as the leader in HIV research and it is only fit that I learn from the best.

Emory University has numerous captivating aspects. With my admission, I plan on utilizing much of these aspects, programs, opportunities, and environment in order to satisfy my hunger for knowledge and thrive in the University.

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