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Mully's Children's Family,Kenyan ophanage;Western Ivey League(Engineering)-Uniqueness

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Jan 8, 2013   #1
PROMPT: The ideal Ivey HBA student has a wide range of interests, perspectives, and life experiences. Describe the uniqueness you have brought as a student to your high school based on your own interests, perspectives, and life experiences. Please be concise and respond using 250 words or less in your answer.

It is way to hot in here. I look beside me at an open notebook as I am squeezed between two students on a three feet bench. Their penmanship is impeccable. There are flies buzzing around me as they fly in through the broken windows. As the teacher teaches, the students listen intently and they all raise their hands for every question. Wow, now this is what a classroom in a remote area of Queenstown, South Africa is like. In 2009, I had the opportunity with a select few of my peers to venture to Queenstown on a community service mission. Since then, I have never taken my education for granted as my grades will show. I told everyone the stories and hardships of some of the students there, in hope that it will affect them too. However, it is obvious that being there and hearing are two different things. I desperately, wanted to give back and in 2010 I saw my chance. I was awarded with the opportunity to go to Kenya and help out in an orphanage, the Mully's Children's Family. I took this opportunity to fundraise. I gave a presentation to my school and started a raffle draw to fund-raise for the orphanage and succeeded in raising four hundred dollars. It was an amazing experience and the smile on the face of Charles Mully in his tilley hat, as he thanked us for our help, is an image painted into my memories.

Thank You
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Jan 8, 2013   #2
You've talked about unique things you've done, but what are some personality traits, interests, or perspectives that you have that are unique? You have a very short essay so far and most of it is a story on Africa. When you are limited to 250 words, you will need to omit the length that stories bring - talk only about each unique interest, perspective, and life experience. Answer the prompt completely.

Good luck.

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