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"How have you overcome an obstacle or challenge you have faced in your life ?" (250)

nandasharma 14 / 53 9  
Jan 6, 2017   #1
Describe an obstacle or challenge you have faced in your life. How have you overcome this challenge and grown from this experience?

common difficulties of life in Nepal

Imagine growing up in Nepal with frequent "bandhas" (worker strikes) and political riots. The party-political tussle has overshadowed crucial national concerns: not only the economy but also the continuity of education.

I was in Grade 12 when the Madhesi political forum announced a vicious series of bandhas. Not a single school gambled the safety of its students and institutional entities from day-1: those who dared, either had their students assaulted or their school-buses torched by the activists. Afflicted with this preposterous intrusion into my regular academics, I, accompanied with my high-school buddies, worked out a peaceable revolt. We approached the college/school officials with an appeal to side with us against the Madhesi movement; however, only few roughnecks showed up the following morning to join our demonstration ahead of the Chief District Office. I even took it to the social media and the local newspapers to summon more dissatisfied individuals to fight for our fundamental 'right to education'. After few weeks of remonstration, backed by several humanitarian & academic enterprises, the spokesperson of Madhesi forum finally approved the normal functioning of educational institutes.

That was the pandemonium where I was raised. Had I never teamed up with my friends on that audacious venture, I, and the rest of high-schoolers, couldn't have accomplished the curriculum in time. Thus, I endorse 'schools' as far-reaching platforms for canvassing one's political ideologies, but not for sustaining outrageous interferences. I've now realized the essence of a Hindu proverb-Tolerating injustice is a bigger crime than doing it.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Jan 6, 2017   #2
Nanda, just as you had to translate the meaning of "bandha" for the reviewer to understand what it means and the relevance of the term to your narrative, so do you also have to explain what the Madhesi is all about. If the reviewer doesn't have any idea what that political forum or organization is all about, he will really be lost as to why the organization has such power in your country. Aside from that necessary explanation, the rest of your essay showcases a strength of character and strong sense of determination that is uncommon in most teenagers. This is truly an impressive essay. However, I don't feel like the last sentence about the Nepalese proverb is necessary in the end. It feels like you need to explain it further in relation to the previous statements that you made. However, I think the word limitation will prevent you from doing that.

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