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"the pleasures of exploring" - Interest in Brown Supplement

sbdaiquiri 8 / 21  
Dec 28, 2009   #1
Please tell us more about your interest in Brown: Why does Brown appeal to you as a college option? Who or what has influenced your decision to apply? (1,000 characters available)

With academic freedom granted by the Brown Curriculum, from the S/NC grading system to independent studies, I believe I can discover the pleasures of exploring. Even though I am committed to the interdisciplinary health-related concentrations, I want to immerse myself in my other interests, like film, and come across new ones. Ever since I entered school, I have had supportive mentors, from my devoted ESL teacher to my dynamic senior English teacher. Interacting with mentors has always enabled me to reach new levels of learning. As an underclassman, I will have a greater chance to work with leading professors at Brown than at many major universities. Throughout high school, I have enjoyed being involved within my local community as a hospital volunteer and a tutor. With support from Swearer, I can continue my involvement in service and discover new projects as I strive to be an active citizen. At Brown, I would be able to embrace this comprehensive, invaluable undergraduate experience.

characters count: 1,000

colorfuloving 6 / 31  
Dec 28, 2009   #2
haha I LOL-d at your character count, it's so tough to keep from rambling with these apps essays, at least for me </3

I really like this, shows that you did your research ;]
and in the limited amount of space we have for this essay, you managed to stick in some "This is why I'M good for Brown as well" stuff.

The only thing is, maybe you should take out some of the technical description and maybe add a bit about how Brown's atmosphere/general college environment is suitable for you? Buuut that's just me.

gah I wrote mine too, but it kind of sucks *__* thank goodness we have a while!
good luck! ((:
joosunggrace 7 / 18  
Dec 28, 2009   #3
I don't know.. I can tell that you did your research, but doesn't it seem like you are listing a bit too much? It might be better if you can take some of these programs out and just elaborate a little bit on the few that you think will really help you. I know it's really hard cuz of the word count.. i had to spend like half an hour trying to cut down mine..

Hope this helps!
magicdazn 1 / 4  
Dec 28, 2009   #4
Not awhile. It's due Friday!!
colorfuloving 6 / 31  
Dec 29, 2009   #5
AH I just realized that!
omg I've been getting the Emory deadline mixed up with the Brown one DD:

Looks like I have extra work cut out for me >_>

good luck you guys!
swimchick2266 3 / 9  
Dec 29, 2009   #6
It seems like you did your research well, but you didn't really answer the part about who or what influenced your decision to apply. I know its tough to keep it under the word count and still say everything you want to, but you can do it! Good Luck!
destiny_g212 2 / 3  
Dec 29, 2009   #7
great research but make sure you emotionally connect how those programs will apply to you personally.
poisonivy 14 / 102  
Dec 29, 2009   #8
This is a great work. You tell and show your three main reasons: open curriculum, excellent faculty, community work. You have strong (well, as much as the limit of character allows) support for all the reasons you mention. well done :)

Could you help me on my answer to this question? (I'm applying to Brown too)
OP sbdaiquiri 8 / 21  
Dec 29, 2009   #9
Thx yea I'll definitely return the favor!

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