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Progressivism. UCLA transfer personal statement

redjester 1 / -  
Jan 15, 2014   #1
UCLA 3rd personal statement prompt:
Why do you want to attend UCLA's school of architecture?

Any advice, no matter how harsh, is welcome! I realize this essay is far from perfect.
Also, this needs to be attached to my portfolio which is due on the 17th, so time is of the essence so to speak...
_________________________________________________________________ ___________________________

When I think of the University of California, Los Angeles's architecture program, the word I most readily associate with your school is progressive. Not surprisingly, the reason for my strong desire to study architecture at UCLA seems to gravitate back to that same all-important ideology that your school seems to hold most dear. What's more, unlike many schools that claim to hold such a high-minded belief, your schools faculty seems to actually practice what they preach which is unfortunately rare in today's world.

Progressivism & UCLA: There seems to be an abundance of short-term thinking in the architectural community and consequently in much of its education where the focus seems to be steeped in traditionalism and "the now" rather than where we are going, progressivism, and the future. This, in my mind, is what sets your school apart: Although you are not overlooking of "the now", neither do you particularly adhere or feel confined to it either, which is rather refreshing. These progressive beliefs are readily evident as soon as you look at the creative talent UCLA has amassed within its design faculty.

Progressivism & Function: As architects go, Thom Mayne is in many ways an idol of mine as he is at the forefront of progressivism by way of using architecture as a vehicle to fight global climate change--a cause that compelled me to pursue an architectural degree in the first place. Unlike many other environmentally conscious architects however, I'm in strong agreement with Thom Mayne in regard to the necessity for changes within the LEED ratings system as it puts far too strong an emphasis on being green or in other words, the present, whereas I believe the emphasis should be on sustainability, or in other words, the lifespan of a particular building.

Progressivism & Form: Aside from Thom Mayne, Greg Lynn and Neil Denari are also equally enticing to me as a student by way of their progressive approaches to form, particularly their embrace of architecture of the organic variety. Organically inspired and sinuously formed architecture is not only the style of architecture that intrigues me the most as a student, but is also what I believe will be the next big stylistic movement in the field, much akin to the early modernist movement of the early 1900's.

Form and Function: Another aspect of architecture that is of high interest to me as a student is the treatment of a structures façade as if it were an outer membrane or skin, something both Thom Mayne and Greg Lynn seem to employ in their architecture and what I believe to be the logical response to how best to combine our moral and civic duty to build sustainably with the intrinsic beauty of the organic form.

These things (and more) are what truly separates UCLA's architectural design program from the herd of other architectural programs and coupled with my unbridled enthusiasm for architecture-with-a-purpose is why I feel that I would be an ideal fit for your school.
ashleeyoox - / 1  
Jan 16, 2014   #2
1) I don't see why I would start out an essay being sent specifically to UCLA by calling them UC. Could you (or anyone) explain the reason of why I should do this? That my fault i thought you were listing the city because you had the comma, it would be University of Los Angeles or do they specifically have the "Calfornia" in there.

2) What I mean by Progressive is its very definition, although perhaps it would be more readily understandable if I replaced Progressive with Progressivism? For example Im a chemistry major and I'm lost to what u mean by progressive, besides the soup lol. Anyway because to serious when I here progressive i think progressing as in moving on and going forward, just put a quick simple brief definition - Progressive, ______ , xyz

3) "Which is?" Progressivism is that all-important ideology. Perhaps I should state that again to make the point more understandable, though.There u go! state that Progessivism, all-important ideology, then continue ____. Yes please do, only because sometimes not everyone understands or has background to what u are talking back

4) The Labels. Yeah, they're all my idea and you might be right about them not being a particularly good idea. Although unconventional, I thought it would help to frame each section to add context and avoid a blurry whole. MY opinion use the labels IF they asked for it, if not use the conventional standard way , its seems more of an essay that way

5) Although you are not overlooking of "the now", neither do you particularly adhere or feel confined to it either, which is rather refreshing. I'm making the point here that architecture and its education tends to be too focused on teaching the ways of the past and preparing students for the world as it is rather than the world it is soon to be<-- i like that idea!!! . This, I believe in a mistake as stated in this paragraph. That sentence that confused you is stating that although UCLA doesn't overlook the world as it is now in regard to their architectural education, neither do they let it limit them either. If you're failing to grasp this, or that the essay is about Progressivism in architecture, that worries me as that's my entire argument for wanting to attend UCLA in the first place.
daydreamer08 3 / 6  
Jan 19, 2014   #3
I know this is a vague comment but..
When I read this essay, I don't feel the passion. I want to read a piece that makes believe that UCLA is the one for you.

It does have great structure and flow though!

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