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Qualities and Characteristics: Independence, drive, and leadership

nikkixoo 2 / -  
Aug 7, 2008   #1
Independence, drive, and leadership; three important qualities that can help any person when living a life away from home. Each of these qualities define who I am as a person. I believe these three characteristics are my strongest attributes that I can bring to UCF.

From the time I was young I have always been taught to be independent. My parents always stressed the importance of education but knew I could only receive the knowledge if it was something I wanted and worked for. I was never pressured or pushed to do anything, I was just given direction. I took the initiative on my own to make intelligent decisions and to do what I thought was best. I believe with that sense of independence came responsibility. With not as much guidance as other kids, and a little more freedom I was able to acquire responsibility as well as morals and values. As a teenager I was exposed to situations which I knew were wrong; that responsibility helped me make the right decisions.

Being a leader is one of the most important characteristics anyone can possess. I think it is very important to be a leader and a role model. People look up to you so you have to be trustworthy, responsible and honest. You also have to know when to step up and give a helping hand. It also means not following the crowd by making bad choices; leaders make good decisions and set examples for others by thinking for themselves. Leaders have strong personalities and are very level headed; they fight for what they believe in and don't buckle under pressure. I feel I have displayed all of this through my position as a Student Government officer and also though my involvement with my schools Student Government Association and other leadership organizations throughout Florida.

My final quality is drive. To have determination is very important in trying to become successful; if you believe its possible and you have the drive to succeed, you can achieve your dreams. I have always tried to challenge myself in order to expand my range of intellect. I always make it my priority to do the best I can because I know the only failure is the one you didn't attempt. Anytime I take on a project or join a club or involve myself in a higher level class I give it my all. I take my involvement very seriously because I know it's part my responsibility to make things succeed; and when they do succeed it makes me feel accomplished to know that I did the best I could and tried my hardest. I always have confidence in myself to do my best and I settle for nothing less.

I would contribute these three characteristics not only in my classes, but around the UCF community as well. I would like to get involved in your community and these qualities would help me do so. I believe these qualities are important to possess throughout any college experience because they are the vital keys to being successful and I could bring them to your school.

Home / Undergraduate / Qualities and Characteristics: Independence, drive, and leadership
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