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Ranked 8th in the world...: UMich Supp/ Why UMich?

davidjaychoi 3 / 6 1  
Dec 19, 2012   #1
Ranked 8th in best engineering schools by US News and World Report, The University of Michigan's College of Engineering certainly has its perks: engineering programs ranked among the top 15 in its field, over 216 prestigious full professors, its multiple interdisciplinary and combined degree programs, and its nationwide research programs. Its unconventional teachings and programs would be the perfect fit for my interests of pursuing a field in engineering. Although I've been inclined to pursue a major in civil engineering, I've decided to keep an open mind on what I would major so I can experience the programs UMich has to offer. What really interested me about University of Michigan was BLUElab. During my summer after junior year, I joined my local environment club, Mahwah Environmental Volunteer Organization, also known as MEVO. There, I not only gained valuable leadership experience, but also learned how to be more efficient with using power and more sustainable resources and being more environmentally conscious. I want to continue contributing to the environment through the skills I learned in school and the University of Michigan's College of Engineering can help me get there. By being involved in the BLUElab, I can continue being ambitious in improving the environment and be able to contribute in a global level while being able to learn. Another interesting program I came across was the Multidisciplinary Design Program. This would teach me how to interact with people of different talents and skills and give me an opportunity to design my own projects in sustaining the environment. Today, there is no solid definition for an engineer. Being creative, applying math and science to real-life situations, and solving problems have become mere parts of what's expected of an engineer today. The Combined Degrees Program would help expand my knowledge and prepare me for 21st century problems. The BLUElab is a way to apply what I learn in to the real world. Lastly, the Multidisciplinary Design Program would teach me in being a leader and designing my own projects and solutions. Studying at the University of Michigan's diverse programs will fully prepare me for tackling the world's most difficult issues.
brazilian01 2 / 28 1  
Dec 19, 2012   #2
You talk about yourself, add a personal touch and also show what you like about the school. Good.
OP davidjaychoi 3 / 6 1  
Dec 19, 2012   #3
Any criticism would be very helpful
weeyizhi /  
Dec 20, 2012   #4
Hi. I think your essay is good. You clearly show that you have made some research about the university. However my only problem with this essay is: being. You seem to overuse this word. Search for this word and rewrite the sentences until you have no more than 2 or 3 "being" in your essay. Good luck

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