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Reasons/ Interest in Eng/ Brave New World; Waterloo Aif

jl95ac 1 / 1  
Jan 29, 2014   #1
I would appreciate any comments or advice to improve my aif. :D

Reasons for choosing your program and Waterloo (*Required)
Please tell us about your educational goals, your interest in your chosen program(s), and your reasons for applying to the University of Waterloo. If you have applied to more than one program please discuss your interest in each program. (900 character limit)

The University of Waterloo possesses a worldwide reputation with its practical education along with the active co-op terms. This merit became a decisive factor for me to apply to the University of Waterloo because the experience acquired from different areas of the workforce will be helpful in solidifying my vision regarding the future. Studying engineering or mathematics has always been the only option for me because not only do they encompass my aptitude and academic strength in pure science and mathematics, but they are also the leading fields with a limitless potential. I believe these programs will greatly expand my capability, allowing me to significantly contribute to the related fields. In terms of achieving my dream, I am assured that pursuing for a degree within the efficient education system of the University of Waterloo will serve as a good milestone.

Briefly explain why you are interested in engineering and particularly in the program to which you have applied. Comment, for example, on your interests and abilities; your career goals; exposure to engineering through school-related and other experiences; and discussions you have had with engineers, teachers, current or past Waterloo students. (900 character limit)

Engineering has always been a fascinating field for me in terms of concretizing an abstract idea. Amongst different branches of engineering, I decided to pursue Computer Engineering because of its inherent flexibility and its application as a basis of modern technology. I believe that it is a field that can easily access other areas, thus, it will open up many options. In order to ensure my aptitude for engineering, I had been involved in various activities related to the field. I participated in VEX Robotics by helping the school robotics team in designing the base of a robot. Also, I was involved in Java and Arduino board projects which taught me object oriented programming concepts and how hardware interacts with the software. Overall, these experiences taught me the necessary attitude that an engineer should have as well as strengthening my decision to study engineering.

Discuss a book or a written article that you particularly enjoyed or that has had an impact on you. Preferably choose a book or article that was not part of a course at school (900 character limit)

'Brave New World', written by Aldous Huxely, is a novel that I found inspiring with the author's realistic view over utopia. The novel depicts a futuristic society where humans are born with a predetermined status through technology and grow up under a repetitive brainwashing system that would force them to feel satisfied with their given status. As a result, the disputes between humans are gone, but it is achieved with the sacrifice of personal identities. Huxely points out that the key ingredient to achieve stability is to restrict the individuality of humans, in order to unite their chaotic nature into one. I find his idea very logical but disturbing because his idea of restricting characteristics would also result in dehumanization. Thus, it came to me that a utopia an impossible dream as long as humans exist since they cannot share and live with a single point of view.

asomegirl 3 / 7  
Jan 30, 2014   #2
Overall, your essays look organized and clear.
Your first two essays were impressive and showed who you are very well.
However, personally I think you misunderstood the basic idea that Huxely wanted to say.
Rather than promoting restriction of individuality, the author wanted to criticize the loss of distinctive features of people in modern world.
And if you do not mind, maybe you can cut summary of the book off. I think you need to add your analysis more so you can show your profound understandings regarding the book. Please remind that I say this only by way of suggestion! Good luck :)

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