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At sixteen I became interest in Computers; UC - PS-Figo

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Jul 30, 2008   #1
Using internet in a public library, when I was sixteen, started my interest in computers. My decision to obtain a degree as been strengthen by my enjoyment and success in junior college and the certainty that the utilization of information technology will proceed to enlarge and stretch because it is one of the greatest means through which modern business, industries and media will exploit greatly. Desiring to work in the same field in the future, I am eagerly passionate to extend and deepen my computer knowledge by putting lots of efforts and faith to accomplish my dream of obtaining my degree in informatics field.

Along with my high school studies, I attended the NICON Institute of Computer Science in Pakistan where I obtained my Network Engineering certification. I continued my journey of acquiring further computer certifications from Microsoft Company such as Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified System Administrator, and Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

On spring of 2003, I volunteered at United Nations World Food Program, Afghanistan located in Pakistan. I was selected as a team leader based on my computer education and skills for a project for collection and distribution of donation across the Afghanistan provinces. Initially I was given a contract for one month, but the seniors staff involved in this project were impressed by my reports and database that I created. They extended my contract and assigned me additional tasks. I was in charge of training new temporarily employees and organizing reports for senior management.

After my immigration to California, I was appointed by I/O Magic Company which deals with import and export of computer parts. The experience I gained in United Nation was handy and gave me another opportunity to gain a real insight into the workings of a successful company. I was the founder of collection database for the company for scanning the barcodes of the computer parts. The database was attached to wireless barcode scanners to scan the codes and import the data directly into the system. I was nominated a great team player for building such a compact at the same time user friendly database which mainly sped up the process of shipping and receiving.

I was given the chance to proven my computer skills and experience in generating similar database for collecting products in warehouse for the new company Cisco Linksys that I was employed at. In addition to developing this database I was challenged to create website for the finance department. This experience has taught me adoptability, self-sufficiency and developed my skills of presenting a presentation and public speaking.

My other computer classes at Irvine Valley College, Image editing techniques, networking CCNA, helped me to develop my networking and web designing skills. In February 2006 I was selected in Stars Behavioral Health Group, a community based service which serves children, adolescents, and adults with serious emotional disorders in their respective communities, among sixty interviewees being the youngest, qualified and experienced individual. My main responsibility is to provide desktop support to all the Southern California facilities which have got an approximate of eight hundred users.

Working in this company has made me learn others life experiences and be grateful persona for all the minor achievements that I have done in my life. I feel rewarded being part of such a unique organization that employs behavioral health workers including psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurses, rehab therapists, social workers, counselors, aides teachers, and a range of paraprofessional members.

I have chosen to apply for a degree course in informatics, which is a bridge connecting information technology to other particular fields of study such as telecommunication, business, biology, and economics, etc. Based on my current work experience which emphasize on problem solving, innovation, communication, and team work together with technical skills and acquaintance. In my opinion informatics is an effective method of using information technology to resolve certain dilemmas in diverse areas. With pursuing a recognize degree in informatics, my long term goal is to provide further assistance through technology to strengthen the mission of our human-centered and problem solving curriculum.

Prompt # 2

For the last eight years, playing soccer in high school, local leagues and tournaments has been one of the most fascinating moments in my life. At the beginning of my high school year, I used to play other sports and games like volleyball, badminton, running track and chess, but I had little knowledge of soccer since I used to go and watch my best friend playing it. I remember my first try out days to join the school soccer team. I was selected based on my running speed and stamina. Soccer came a little hard to me, as I was not accustomed to the rules and field tactics but once I started, my strong aim to learning the game was set; even though, my first year of playing soccer was not as successful as I expected. I achieved more knowledge of the game, and used that knowledge to reach to the required standard level as other soccer players.

Soon I became part of a victorious team whose defeat was almost impossible among other high school teams in our city. I really enjoyed playing the game with my other teammates in various leagues and tournaments. In spite of the fact that we lost many games in tournaments, we still believed in the spirit of our team and our victory. We attempted to learn from our mistakes and turn our weaknesses to our strengths.

As a right striker, I was preplanning for each game with a new challenge to lead my team to victory, and I believe this was the hardest aspect of soccer. In many ways the games felt like preparing for an unexpected exam where students study for hours memorizing the terminology of a subject. We were no different from those students as we all spent hours practicing in sunny afternoons, learning new field strategies, understanding the mindset of the opposite teams, building up defensive and offensive tricks and spending numerous hours watching professional learning soccer movies.

I believe soccer has polished many hidden qualities in my personality such as teamwork, communication skills, self-determination, self-assurance, trustworthiness, and positive attitude through which I have faith in myself that if given an chance, I would transcend to a new level in a university to pave the way for unlimited possibilities for my future.
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Jul 30, 2008   #2
You need to be more specific in many of your statements. Explain more of why you want this degree and what you want to do with it.

Make sure you finish all of your sentences; they all need to contain complete thoughts, otherwise they confuse your reader. You should mention what degree you are applying for earlier in your essay, as you reader will need to know that up front in order to evaluate you in regards to your specific area of interest.

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