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Personal Statement to apply for Internal Medicine Residency USMLE

Rushel 1 / -  
Jul 27, 2023   #1

Personal Statement

Even though many years have passed, I can still clearly remember that Darjeeling winter morning. My mother questioned me while I was repairing the ice-jammed water pipes in my house, "Are you sure about it? Will you leave?" At the time, I was unable to reply, despite knowing how badly I wanted to leave Darjeeling. Having seen my family's troubles as I grew up in a small, disadvantaged community, in my naive belief moving to the city was the only way I could broaden my horizons and free my family from financial hardships. My dreams received support when my aunt got matched in the USMLE. Like me, she too was raised in a household of modest means and in a community with limited resources. Her accomplishment made me realize that education was not just a method of achieving personal growth and improvement, but also a way to lessen the burden of poverty on my loved ones. But leaving Darjeeling still felt like leaving my warm cup of tea.

Studying MBBS at the prestigious Manipal College of Medical Sciences in Nepal refined my medical knowledge like the refinement of tea to bring out its true flavors. Learning from top professors enriched my fundamentals and understanding of basic sciences and because of that throughout my educational journey, I could maintain a relentless pursuit of knowledge, excelling in my studies. My innate characteristic to get satisfaction in interacting with others, particularly attentively listening to them, proved to be an invaluable asset during my clinical years as it facilitated strong bonds with my patients. I recall a cheerful 67-year-old woman with polycythemia secondary to COPD. We had fun talking about her favorite meals and our shared love for music during her frequent phlebotomy session. Once, locating a suitable vein became challenging, but she kept her sense of humor, playfully saying, "My veins are playing hide and seek!" She then laughing sang "मलाई नसोध कहाँ दुख्छ घाऊ" one of the most famous song in Nepal, meaning don't ask me where it hurts, lightening the mood. Her upbeat attitude and sense of humor radiated warmth and delight. Her constant optimism aided and made the process smoother. Moments like these remind me of the power of humor and how it can alleviate tension and create a connection between people. The diversity of cases, the integration of critical thinking, and the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with patients captivated my heart and drew me to Internal Medicine.

My aim is not only to provide top-notch medical care but also to engage in preventive measures and health education initiatives that can empower individuals and communities to take control of their well-being.

Driven by my deep passion and a strong belief in holistic, patient-centered care, I had the privilege of co-authoring the book "Lean for Life." This effort aimed to provide resources and information on nutrition and sustainable diet changes, emphasizing the importance of behavioral modifications for long-term health. While writing this book, I discovered numerous articles that discussed the dual challenge of obesity and malnutrition. Recognizing the urgent problem of obesity, I decided to get involved in advocacy work by writing an editorial for a newspaper. Through my article, I aimed to bring attention to the significant impact of this epidemic.

To complement my academic achievements, I actively engaged in volunteer work, participating in medical camps and community health initiatives. These experiences not only reaffirmed my commitment to medicine but also emphasized the importance of preventive care and health education, especially in underserved areas. Engaging with rural communities held a dual purpose for me, as I have a profound love for hiking. Venturing to the outskirts not only benefited the communities but also nourished my own soul.

Today, I am filled with determination and internal motivation as an aspiring internist. With the various skills that I have learned from my journey, I feel that I can tackle and fix everything from water pipes, and torn clothes to medical issues with my persistence, adaptability and hard work. As I am eagerly seeking the necessary training that will shape me into a well-rounded doctor, both academically and socially, I give a persistent commitment that I will dedicate myself to becoming an exceptional clinician during my residency training in your esteemed program.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15043 4827  
Aug 4, 2023   #2
Please revise your personal statement. A personal statement should not focus on your academic achievements or medical accomplishments. Rather, it is to be used to represent who you are beyond the academic and professional world. The reviewer will be interested to learn more about your community service and other participations of similar themes as it relates to your growth as a medical professional. Your academic information will be better assessed within your transcript of records. Work on improving your other relevant interests instead, but on a personal development level. That way the reviewer will learn more about you beyond the basic academic information you are currently focused on. Show him the other side of your personality that is not covered by the documents you are submitting.

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