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STUDY PLAN for study permit BScience in Canada

Alice_19th 1 / 1  
Jun 17, 2018   #1
Hello everyone, I need help with my study plan for Canada study permit application.
I actually attended an Architecture degree in the UK in 2015 but dropped out after the first year. Now I am applying for BScience in Canada and have already secured a place. However, I'm not sure how to explain this situation of changing major and country of study to the Office staff. I've received comments about my sp being a bit too long, so please tell me how I could improve this sp. Thanks a lot.

the right path for me

When I began my studies in Landscape Architecture at the University of ***, UK, I thought it was the right path for me. However, as eager and passionate as I was to create a whole environmental area better along with bringing communities together, I realised that a career in designing was unsuitable for me. Thus I weighed in a decision which was a turning point for my future - changing my major. I carefully considered the strongest aspects of my personality; a passionate interest in natural surroundings, a concern for the environment and understanding of conservation issues. Therefore I have decided to instead, pursue higher studies in the more career relevant to Earth Sciences, which focuses on seeking new and innovative ways to use natural resources and minimize the effects of our activities on other species and the planet.

The University of *** offers exactly what I am looking for. It is one of the leading Earth Sciences Departments in Canada and known for excellence in research all over the world. Their faculty members are committed to excellence in scholarship, and to helping me reach my highest potential. Students can investigate their interests in the classroom, the laboratory and the great outdoors. They are given the opportunity to explore the amazing geology of Newfoundland and Labrador such as the rare fossils of Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve and the rugged, unique rocks of the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park. They have the opportunity to participate in research projects in exotic places like New Zealand, Greece and Mediterranean. Graduates from the programme will not only leave with excellent industry-endorsed scientific training but also with a foundation of marketable career skills.

Vietnam's population has rapidly grown and industrial developments have placed unprecedented demands on Earth's natural resources. As a result, a growing demand for scientists and professionals equipped to deal with agricultural and environmental issues means a wide variety of career choices for graduates specializing in environmental science. Moreover, Canada has an excellent higher education system, hence a science degree from Canada is highly sought after in Vietnamese workplace. The cost of is also comparatively affordable, particularly compared to the UK.

Having studied in the UK for almost three years, I have gathered a good variety of skills and knowledge. During my A-levels, I chose subjects that would complement each other. Mathematics has helped me to think logically and critically whilst facing difficult challenges, Physics taught me how to apply this information practically. This has given me a solid practical approach and a wide technical knowledge base. Although I left the architecture course early, before I could finish the first year, I was able to encourage my personal development, critical judgement and self-expression, together with strong research skills. I improved these qualities when I had to compile the Cultural context module for my personal investigation as well as taking part in the Designing group project.

My Mother will financially support me during my studies. Being the chairman of *** Highschool has allowed her to have a steady income to provide funding to me for the full tuition fees and maintenance while studying in Canada. I have enclosed her business registration along with the certificate of deposit as evidence.

I am looking forward to completing the degree and returning to my country with a new perspective on culture, language skills and a great education. I am independent, willing to embrace challenges, and able to cope with diverse situations. Therefore, I will not give up until I have achieved my full potential. This is my passion and I will persevere to succeed.

Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Jun 18, 2018   #2
Tram, you are giving the visa officer useless information. This is supposed to be a study plan presentation for your visa application. This is not a reasoning letter to explain why you started out in one course of study but ended up in another. This letter cannot be used at all in this current form. I know that your friends find this letter too long, but applicable. I am looking at this letter from a trained eye perspective and I am telling you, it is not going to be useful to your application. Trust me on this. I have helped enough students both here at the forum and privately to know what I speak of.

The visa officer is not interested in your academic biography. What he is interested in learning is how your current course of study will be applicable towards your career in Vietnam upon your return. The sharing of knowledge and its potential application upon your return is what is important here. Not your epiphany about why you had to change courses.

I am sure that you had to present a study plan to the university upon your application right? That is what you should be discussing again, in this letter. The study plan should show exactly how you plan to use the knowledge and why a Canadian education in this field will spell potential professional growth for yourself based upon the research you will be doing in Canada under the masters course.

Present the following information:
1. What your current profession is. Explain how it connects to your interest in this masters course.
2. What academic and professional objectives lead you to this course? How does it relate to a Canadian education?
3. How does the course apply to your current profession? Why this university? Why Canada?
4. What research do you plan to do? How does this research pose any future use in Vietnam under your profession?
5. Why couldn't you study the same masters course in your country? What opportunities do you look forward to utilizing during your time as a student? The opportunities need to be research and profession related.

You can keep the paragraph about your mother sponsoring your stay in Canada. That is the only useful part of the original essay that you wrote. Change your closing paragraph to reflect how you look forward to a cultural exchange instead. Explain how you plan to promote Vietnamese interests or culture while also familiarizing yourself with its Canadian counterpart so that Vietnam will become familiar with Canadian culture, at least in your field of expertise upon your return.
OP Alice_19th 1 / 1  
Jun 18, 2018   #3
Hi Holt,
Thank you so much for giving me the useful advice, but I am applying for an Undergraduate course, and haven't got any degree nor working experience yet. So I guess I should write about how useful this course will be for my future career?
Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Jun 18, 2018   #4
Hi, I got special clearance to offer you additional advice to help you better apply my previous advice. This is a one shot deal so I'll make it count :-) Yes. Add information about how you plan to use the course in your future career. Since this is a study plan, you still need to prove a usefulness for your required course in the letter. So think about your possible final year research project. Think of a situation that you hope to help address as a professional upon your graduation. Make sure that you clarify your career trajectory in order to help convince the visa officer that you will be returning home upon your graduation. Focus more on the academic aspect of your objectives for now. Since you do not have a career at the moment, describe the potential career you hope to enter into so that you can apply what you studied in college. Basically, you can use the same guidelines that I gave above, just replace the word "masters" with "undergraduate" since you are aspiring to finish a 4 year course at the moment. Same questions, more simplified answers :-)

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