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My Study Plan with the schedule of learning Korean and English for KGSP undergraduate Program

giwang indri 1 / 4  
Sep 15, 2019   #1
This is my first study plan, so please help me to correct or adding something in my study plan. I will receive it as suggest. thank you

enrolling in the TOPIC preparation class

I learned the English language since I'm in elementary school. I have been learned it for about 10 years, nevertheless until right now it's still hard for me to speak fluently. And by this English ability I have, I joined the English club in my high school to continue learning how to speak well in English. For my writing skills, I have been joined some essay competition although I'm not to be the winner it give me experiences in my writing skills.

It also happens in the Korean language. I have known the Korean language for about 4 years, although I never go to Korea before. I've studied the Korean language through video, song, some websites and I also join online courses. I can't say both of my Korean and English well actually, but I can read, write and listen well in both languages. The biggest problem for me when I learn both languages is that is speaking skills. Weaknesses in languages, doesn't decrease my spirit to continue learning those languages.

If I am chosen to be one of the awardees these scholarships, I will gladly enroll in the TOPIK preparations class without missing a single meeting. I will learn Korean and English from the basics so that I can write, read, hear, and speak both languages well. As soon as I have enrolled in the TOPIC preparation class, I will quickly adapt and learn lessons quickly encourage myself to fulfill the standard TOPIC before I am entering the university. Below I attached a timetable, how I learned the languages after I came to Korea for this KGS program.


8.30-10.10 amReading ( Korean textual books)Reading ( Korean textual books)Grammar ( Korean grammar)Grammar ( Korean grammar)Writing ( Hangeul letters)Writing ( Hangeul letters)
10.40-12.20 amWriting ( Hangeul letters)Writing ( Hangeul letters)ListeningListeningReading ( Korean news)Reading ( Korean resource )
2.00-2.50 pmGrammar ( Korean grammar)ListeningWriting ( Hangeul letters)Writing ( Hangeul letters)ListeningCultural Trips & Activities***
3.00-3.50 pmListeningSpeakingSpeakingSpeakingSpeaking
4.00-4.50 pmSelf-Exercise*Optional**

*Self excercice can be done by online course or doing excercise through TOPIK books
** optional means I can do exercise by book or online test
*** Cultural trips and activities are done as an implementation about what I learn, example for implementation my speaking skill and listening skill through going to the public place
alyssa2036 6 / 19 2  
Sep 15, 2019   #2
Hi there! Glad i found someone that is applying for the same scholarship as me. I hope my advice will take you a step closer to getting accepted!

Firstly, i think you should write about what you are planning to do outside the given TOPIK classes since it is already a must to attend those.

Secondly, there are grammatical errors that needs to be polished.

I hope i was able to help you! Good luck!

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