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Why am I taking a Gap Year- Common App

DMA17 8 / 31  
Oct 12, 2011   #1
Common App had a section where I could select any interruptions in my education and I selected:
did/will take gap year
Provide details on the item(s) checked above.

The chase for the coveted white coat and stethoscope began early. Anecdotes abound of me and my numerous computer and "educational" toys that sought to enhance my mental prowess. Even my "play-time" was often structured and enriched with just the right mix of appropriate playmates and educational activities. The pace of the days and the years allowed little time simply "to be a kid" - or, it seemed, to develop into a complete human being. But that didn't matter to my parents, as long as I was performing well, and I did. I have always been a scholar since I was young; I always had an insatiable hunger for learning and engrossing myself in various subjects. As a result, I have always excelled in the world of academics and this was the greatest pride and joy for my parents. However, I have not been able to find the time during the constant brigade of hard work to look at myself. Too many times I have seen a person that has fallen into the machine of persevering monotony. I work hard for this, I train hard for that, I achieve it, smile, and move on, setting newer, higher goals for myself. But where would that lead me? I would probably end up being a doctor who saw his patients as puzzles to solve rather than people to help.

In order to see who I really am, I have to look deeper than what the dictionary has to offer. Therefore, before I start my next four to ten years of education beyond high school, I want to take this time to step back and reflect my values.

This is what I have so far and I would like any additional feedback.

P.S. Should I include what I'm doing/hoping to do or should I just leave it as an explanation of why I chose a gap year?

Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!
Rechy 11 / 73  
Oct 13, 2011   #2
Hey Marc. I think you should review the question on the Common App. It says,' If your progression THROUGH SECONDARY SCHOOL was or will be delayed or interrupted in any way, please check all that apply'.

From what i read above, you will be taking a gap year after your high school education. You should only check any of the boxes if you have taken or will take a gap year during your high school education.
OP DMA17 8 / 31  
Oct 13, 2011   #3
yea I was wondering about that, but because Common app asked if my progression was or will be delayed, I thought they were referring to those persons taking gap years.

If not do you, or anyone else, know where on the application I should indicate this?
wraithseeker 3 / 8  
Oct 13, 2011   #4
I think you should elaborate the most on why you have decided to take a gap year due to some factors in school and in life as well.

Maybe you could also include what is your goals to do in that year and ur feelings / stand towards people taking a gap year
Rechy 11 / 73  
Oct 13, 2011   #5
I guess you must be a senior right now. So secondary school also means high school. What they are trying to know is, if you took or will take a gap year during your high school education.

but because Common app asked if my progression was or will be delayed

The progression referred to, is that of your high school education.
I haven't seen any provision on the common app, where one can indicate that one will be taking a gap year after one's high school education.

I think you can just indicate that in your essay, if it is important to you.
Rechy 11 / 73  
Oct 13, 2011   #6
If you'll be taking a gap year after high school and you are applying now, that means you'll be deferring your college admission right?
OP DMA17 8 / 31  
Oct 13, 2011   #7
to clear up any confusion, I'm currently not in high school I graduated in June. I'm currently doing my gap year and I'm preparing to go to Haiti for 4 months to volunteer in with the United Nations. I'm applying to school for fall 2012.

So what I'm understanding is that Common App apparently doesn't have a section where I can indicate that I'm taking a gap year after having graduated high school.

@Wraithseeker, thanks for the advice man. What did you, or anyone else, think of it grammar wise and the idea?
Rechy 11 / 73  
Oct 13, 2011   #8
Ok , thanks for clearing that. I also graduated this year but not in June, it was in July.
I'm applying to colleges for fall 2012 and also currently taking my gap year now.
And for the Common App, there is no section known to me that one can indicate the gap year thing after high school.
Maybe you should indicate it in your common app essay <------It's just a suggestion , as that is what I'll be doing.

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