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Things that I like --- a short supplement essay

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Dec 19, 2011   #1
Prompt: In 300 words or less, list the things that you enjoy or like to us.

With two leafs extended to the side, and a knot tightened the stem, a fleur-de-lys was a heraldic symbol to the Bourbons. My hobby of studying heraldry began when my uncle exhibited his French and British coat of arms collections to me. The vivid colors and the bright images immediately lured me into the world of heraldry. The griffins, the crest, the motto ribbons...all of these elements stimulated my curiosity at a very young age. Some people may perceive heraldry as simply a decoration; but to me, heraldry is more than that, it is piece of art, a page of European history.

I like mornings. Same as Ernest Hemingway, I fond of the quietness and peacefulness that mornings provide. After finishing my warm breakfast, I go for a run near the lakeshore, or sometimes read books and play guitar in my room. However, I have to get this all done before afternoon, when the loudness of the family starts settling in. Mornings better our sleeping habits. Mornings offer us extra time to pause and reflect. Mornings bring every one of us a brand new day. Mornings, in a word, are just awesome!

Boater Hats
As an amateur country musician, I prefer wearing a boater hat rather than a cowboy hat. I started a guitar ensemble group to perform country music in school concerts when I was in ninth grade. For better showing our music is "country", we planned on wearing cowboy hats. However, cowboy hats may be "too much" for us, since none of us were from the South. We ended up wearing boater hats, and they served our purpose well. Our guitar ensemble is a boater hat. While it denotes our rustic interest, it also symbolizes our urban origins from a big city.

Thank you!
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Dec 19, 2011   #2
I really like your choice of topics and how they are all completely different from each other! The one writing tip I would give is to make the end of the mornings paragraph a little less choppy. Overall, it is very good and really gives an insight into your varied personality!

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