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'a typical engineering family' - Purdue University

LyaG 1 / 3  
Jan 10, 2012   #1
Coming from a typical engineering family, both my father and grandfather studied civil engineering as their major in university. Now, it is my turn to prepare to be more than just a student who is interested in being a civil or industrial engineer, but a professional engineer by gaining knowledge and experience through university education. I have always had a strong interest in the Arts and Sciences throughout my high school years. They have contributed to building a deeper thought process and sparked my inner creativity. As my final grade 12 Art project, I came up with the idea of showing my personal thoughts using light, bamboo structure and book pages. Through the process of making this art piece, I realized that becoming a civil or industrial engineer would be ideal for me to express my various thoughts.

As I obverse the nature of being an engineer, the job that an engineer does could be considered the most fantastic one for me --- a great combination of science and art. Various achievements in the field of engineering can significantly improve the standard of life. It makes me think of the kind of skills and characters I should develop and improve to be part of this field.

Practising and applying my skills and ideas through science subjects have helped me to accomplish the goal of becoming a civil or industrial engineer. For example, during my eleventh grade biology class, my classmate and I signed up to present a brief and general explanation about birds. After we divided the tasks in this culminating activity, it was my responsibility to do the visual section that provided three dimensional explanations to the audience without using PowerPoint. In fact, I made a functional bird model that describes the general digestive system of bird by using cardboard only. During the presentation, my friend and I demonstrated great teamwork, and the bird which I made, of course, surprised the entire class. Our group received an excellent result. I truly enjoyed creating practical objects that are also appealing in appearance. Having participated in all kinds of projects and culminating activities throughout my high school years, I developed my practical skills in many different areas, such as doing chemistry labs and making art projects, communicating with classmates and teachers, and coming up with creative and fresh new ideas.

After doing a thorough research regarding colleges, the College of Engineering in Purdue University is exactly the one I am looking for that provides a flexible and knowledgeable environment for students who are eager to improve the world by things they learnt in Purdue. By reading several articles about famous engineers from Purdue University, I found they all shared the common quality, which is about respecting life, such as Elwood Mead and Robert Batts. All these accomplishments they achieved are about guiding and helping the human race into a better world that no one can quite imagine. In fact, the place where I come from is surrounded by mountain ranges. To this day there are still a large number of people living in that area with poorly structured buildings and have a low standard of life. I have been in a lot of villages and small towns with poor living conditions. I wish I could have the ability to improve the certain situation and reform those buildings without breaking its natural balance and keeping its original beautiful environment. Therefore, I believe being a member of College of Engineering in Purdue University is the best way to make this dream come true.

Ultimately, with my passion, knowledge, and experience, I believe that being a professional engineer is the most suitable career for me. Purdue University is the place where I can gain the knowledge and skills required for becoming an engineer, so I can contribute to the society.

HEY, EVeryone.
This is my second copy from the original rough one, welcome any comment!
And I have a few questions about things that I am not sure with:
1. Should I add the fact of being an assistant of my father(he runs an architecturaldesign company ) during my summer break?
2. is the last paragraph too short? what should I do to fix it and make it better?

thank you so much :)

jadore_lamode68 6 / 37  
Jan 10, 2012   #2
1. Yes, however adding experience is only good if you say what you've learned from it about yourself, or how much you love engineering.
2. Mmm the last paragraph take some risk which I don't think really work. I think you need to go deeper into the programs you like about Purdue and add the specific names of the alumni and what they've done. Also when you talk about making the likes of others better it sounds a tinge like your looking down on people, perhaps think of a way to say that being in Perdue's engineering program not only condition you to be a greeeaaat engineer but a leader on all fronts of human enterprise... idk just my opinion.

Otherwise great essay!
All the best luck,
I hope this helps
OP LyaG 1 / 3  
Feb 27, 2012   #3
this essay question is about telling my goal Queen's University and behind
isai 12 / 111  
Mar 5, 2012   #4
This is a vague essay and doesn't create any high awareness for the readers. Write your essay in the reader's position. You have to write in detail with a solid key idea, explanation, elaboration and example.


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