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Why University of Chicago - Address how desire for learning, need for community is met.

zeeconomist 6 / 19 4  
Dec 23, 2014   #1
The University of Chicago attracts me for several reasons - the intellectual environment, the students who attend, the traditions and its inseparable quirkiness with a core reason being, quite simply, the core itself. In attending, I want to deepen my understanding and appreciation for people with different opinions from myself, I want to learn subjects across a wide range of disciplines and in the process, I also want to have fun. I find that these requirements are amply met at U-Chicago.

U-Chicago has an almost electric environment with its passionate and inquisitive students. As someone involved in debate for a few years, and as an avid reader, I find no dearth in topics for discussion. I believe I can quench my thirst in the constructive discussion with the unique persons I encounter at U-Chicago. What guarantee do I have in meeting interesting people? I can safely say that U-Chicago would only attract those students who genuinely love learning, discussion and debate. Otherwise, I could imagine U-Chicago being a drag for them.

The core program keeps the students on their toes, I'm sure, and in the process, it broadens individuals' understanding of a range of seemingly unrelated but certainly linked disciplines. Having tried to read Plato's Republic, Socrates' 'Lysis, and Oscar Wilde's ballads, I am interested in literature and philosophy. The core allows me to major in Economics while ensuring my thirsts are attended to. I love that the core revolves around reading primary texts, as opposed to reading out of a textbook. The prospect of discovery and understanding ideas, firsthand, instead of it being handed on a platter, excites me.

In a constantly evolving world, both technologically as well as socially, very few constants actually exist.
An uncle of mine majored in Biology but now works for 'Spotify', a music-based tech company. Cognizant of the ever-changing nature of the world around me, I believe "learning to learn" is a most important skill.

Besides being knowledgeable on different subjects, the core will ensure I am aware of different approaches I will have to adopt when studying different disciplines.

Since I will be spending four years of my life at university, it is not enough to meet the intellectual needs - a feeling of belonging in the community is important. I would have to feel at 'home' and what better way than by doing the 'chores.' By involving myself in the University Community Service Center in programs such as 'Seeds of Justice', I will understand the issues the community faces and by actively involving myself, I will develop this sense of belonging.

I watched the welcome ceremony for the freshmen class at U-Chicago. Seeing the goofy costumes, the welcoming signs, the shouting and pure excitement on the faces of students already at U-Chicago struck a chord with me. This, the scav hunt, the 10-minutes finals dance party all resonate a homeliness at U-Chicago for me. I find that at U-Chicago I can be the goofy person I am and crack the lame jokes few people seem to understand.

U-Chicago with its people, intellectual environment and homeliness is a phase I can see myself setting the foundations for living the rest of my life.
vangiespen - / 4,133 1449  
Dec 23, 2014   #2
Joseph, while your essay seems to be general in nature and content, it works because you convey your desire for a learning environment that best suits your ideals, ambitions, and desires in life. You have managed to present this idealism in such a way that it resonates as an overall expectation of the academic offerings of UChicago. As such, your essay theme offers an image of you considering all of your options for academic excellence with the support of the university. General in nature and yet well developed. That is the kind of essay that shows the mode of thinking and envisioning that you have for yourself. If there is an inclination for you to be unsure about your major, it does not show in this paper. Instead, it comes across as you being prepared to take on any career that comes your way, as long as you know you have trained or can accomplish the task requirements. Good work.
OP zeeconomist 6 / 19 4  
Dec 24, 2014   #3
Thank you, Vangiespen! Appreciate it.

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