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"UPenn: My Ideal Match" - UPenn Supplement Essay

p12ehoffman 3 / 7  
Oct 29, 2011   #1
Please feel free to read and critique my UPenn supplement essay. Any feedback is appreciated!

Required for all applicants: Considering both the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying and the unique aspects of the University of Pennsylvania, what do you hope to learn from and contribute to the Penn community? (Please answer in one page, approximately 500 words.)

In experiencing this new, more academically stimulating time in my life, I've come to develop specific ideas regarding what I want to do as a prospective physics major. Being a very radical time in physics with the OPERA Neutrino Project claiming they've gauged massive particles traveling faster than the speed of light, I'm very interested in conducting related research of relevance to energy and subatomic particles. I'm determined to pursue the ideal school for me that, in its manifestation of these different fields, still facilitates a diverse, balanced community within which I may continue to flourish personally and intellectually. Even if it entails shamelessly seeking acceptance to such a competitive, renowned school as the University of Pennsylvania, I'm committed to said pursuit.

With top ten rankings in faculty distinction, overall best research institute and best physics program according to both U.S. News and the National Research Council, UPenn-and more specifically the School of Arts and Sciences-excels in the areas of greatest appeal to me. SAS' unique theoretically oriented cosmology group also conducts unprecedented projects like the creation of the BLAST Telescope that simply can't be found at any other university. While UPenn competes by means of the best overall physics department, it possesses by and large the best, most revolutionary department of theoretical physics.

So let's say, hypothetically, that the OPERA Project's data is substantiated, disproving Einstein's theories of both general and special relativity (not highly unlikely). Twenty-first century physics and a sizeable portion of twentieth century physics will be largely meaningless! Upon such a monumental shift in theory, it isn't reasonable to assume that new parameters will quickly transpire. In fact it will be years before physics sees a compensatory set of fundamental laws. In the meantime everything will be dominantly theoretical, thus why UPenn is a step ahead, and the optimum university for any intending physicist today. It's the most innovative institution for the evolving field that is twenty-first century physics.

Until a decision is reached regarding the OPERA Project's research, though, I can still hope to pursue a preeminent education in the traditional subject that originally enthralled me, conceptual physics. With upwards of five state-of-the-art physics-dedicated laboratories manned by a staff consisting of the most brilliant minds in the field today, the applied physics department at UPenn appeals to me in that it is research oriented and prestigious with great reason.

I see myself initially contributing to UPenn dedicated to reassuring. In other words, given the chance by means of acceptance, I want to demonstrate that the right decision was made in adding me to the class of 2016. I want to commit myself to the furthering of my intellectual competence in the focused, academically oriented environment; excel in physics and theorize within its various realms; demonstrate my full potential as an innovator, thinker and researcher. Ultimately, I very much hope to advance my passion and devote myself to a new stage in my academic career within the ideal confines of the University of Pennsylvania.
therealhummus 1 / 7  
Oct 29, 2011   #2
I'm also applying to UPenn and i thought your essay was overall good, but I think that you didn't talk about what you will contribute as much as the as the aspects of UPenn.

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