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Valuable knowledge/ Socializing - UC Prompt # 2 Essay.

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I gained valuable knowledge of the ways how human societies relate to each other and to the planet that have profound implications for the quality of life around the globe from my preceding experience. Success in my school studies and work experience in the financial industry with unexpected economical market has given me a secure academic foundation with which to approach a degree in social ecology with confidence and enthusiasm. Besides, my current job has provided me a chance to work as a team player with others and at the same time being independent. Mostly, I have been able to work on my own, which I have enjoyed immensely as it has allowed me to use my own ideas and thoughts. This characteristic has enable me accomplish short-term, long-term goals and achievements apart from improving my communication and customer service skills.

In addition, I like socializing with my friends and meeting new people to learn from their experiences. To stay involved in the community and also participate in social activities, I became certified in Zumba (Latin Fusion Dance/Fitness). I consider having a balanced life; a person who enjoys a pleasurable night out; yet understands prioritization and the significance of education and employment. My best friend describes me as an opinionated, trustworthy and a pleasant individual who has strong moral values. I also consider myself as an over-achiever and believe in myself for accomplishing my goals no matter how challenging the objective is. My previous experiences have enabled me to be independent, organized and self-disciplined person which is a preparation for the forthcoming student life at the university. I look forward to becoming a successful socio-ecologist in order to address issues involved in the relationship between human populations and their environment.

Home / Undergraduate / Valuable knowledge/ Socializing - UC Prompt # 2 Essay.
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