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"wide variety of courses, the field experience, student growth" - Unique Northwestern

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Dec 14, 2010   #1
Decisions are tricky things; I'm not talking about little ones, like juice or water, but the big ones that change your life. As a senior, I am facing a big decision, what university I want to attend. Hours of research online, reading through mountains of mail, and endless discussions with my college counselor, I have emerged-a little worse for wear and many paper cuts later-with my choice. Northwestern University is the best fit for me because of its wide variety of courses, the required field experience, and the importance of student growth.

The school that appeals to me offers a wide array of courses. My academic interests are diverse because of a desire for a well-rounded education. Northwestern is committed to offering many diverse courses for intellectually curious students. The Medill School of Journalism requires ΕΎ of their students' education in liberal arts. This requirement will let me explore my interests. One such interest is religion; a course at my high school on American Religious History sparked my intrigue. At Northwestern, I could explore all my academic interests at a higher level.

For each university, I want to know how important are internships and field experience? Northwestern prides itself as a research institution, encouraging students to explore their interests outside the classroom. I want a career in Mass Communications; to achieve this field experience and internships are necessary. The Medill School of Journalism requires their undergraduate students to have an academic residency at a newsroom. I believe that the best ways to learn is through doing, and this experience will prepare me for future internships and a career. The endless academic opportunities will help me grow intellectually and reach my career goals.

A student life advisor at my school said community service is, "Building your moral character and expanding your spiritual self." Northwestern students are dedicated to civic engagement, each student dedicated to a certain cause. At Northwestern, I would like to get involved working with Autistic children or the Special Olympics like other students in the past. I would also participate in the Freshmen Urban Program at Northwestern because it will introduce me to new students who also interested in community service. My studies will lead me towards a career, but the community service will help me grow into a better person.

Student life is just as influential for growth as academics or civic engagement. Every student at Northwestern has ample opportunities to experience student life. I wouldn't feel left out if I didn't go Greek because there are so many other resident halls where students with similar interests go. The campus wide events that bring all students together as a community aid our growth as a whole. I am enthusiastic about learning and growing with this diverse student body. The new friendships and adventures I'll have at Northwestern will forever shape my life.

The conclusion is sweet and simple. This decision wasn't difficult at all. Northwestern is where I want to start this new adventure, exploring my intellect and growing into an adult.
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Dec 14, 2010   #2
As a senior, I am facing a big decision on what university I should attend.

After hours of research on the internet, reading through mountains of mail, and endless discussions...

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