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Can you write about a leader or well-known person who has influenced you and why?

shinmuoi 1 / -  
Sep 15, 2016   #1
How do people become truly influential in the social age?

If you, like me have been raised with the notion that celebrities, sports stars and politicians were influential because of what they do and not who they are - we're on the same page. But when you actually examine today's influential people and how they became influential - the picture has changed dramatically.

Kito Aya was born on July 19, 1962 and passed away on May 23, 1988, when she was a 15-year-old Japanese girl, who suffered a vile diseases called: Spinocerebellar Degeneration - is the largest group of this hereditary, progressive, degenerative and often fatal neurodegenerative disorder; there is no known effective treatment or cure and it can affect anyone of any; people who caught this disease will gradually lose the ability of ordinary people such as the ability of transportation, communication capabilities and a number of other motor skills, but the patient is still aware of everything happening around him. She is famous for her diary One liter of tears - is written when her body completely paralyzed, then was published shortly before her death.

From a little girl or laugh, indifferent, Aya became a girl lick tears and immersed in speculation about her life. Aya sent her thought on the log page as the fight against the disease and demonstrated her spirit: strong and not give up. Diary seep soaked with tears, along with the story of Aya did millions of readers around the world feel and tearful. Aya's spirit have inspired all those who are living strong message about life. Carries the same ailment, encounter major obstacles in moving, Aya is not out of worry about the future, about the look, the eye of pity everyone around. With Aya, her future is a narrow road, and it becomes more and more narrow. The illness hampered Aya from all the dream and plan, even the steps myself out to go to the bookstore also becomes a burning desire.

Pass up on the anxiety that is indomitable to succumb to disease and desire to live in a little girl's vigorously. If there is no will to fight is so strong, how a child can tolerate each deep stab marrow, injections into the skin, headache, feeling nausea below the side effects of the drug. She always desire itself will soon recover, there will be integration with the community, like-minded people will kick up fun, dancing. Real simple dream, but perhaps again very close "luxuries with Aya. A step of choked, hear how terrible to sour. Aya was very difficult to take out the choice is going to continue studying in the old school Higashikou or admission to Disabled school. Aya wants to continue studying in Higashikou by at least that was the school was sticking with Aya in a long, there's friends There, the teachers, who always cares and help Aya. People to help Aya have more motivation to continue trying resilient. But because of illness.

Aya said that the choice of education in the field of disabilities probably would fit better than 7 person, not welcoming looks pity anymore. Aya would get more sympathy, can live independently, less dramatic must depend on people. But leaving school has meant that Aya from now will have a separate life with everyone, with the community or not? Rise above all the pain is the indomitable determination not before Aya's illness. Aya never had and never lonely alone to succumb to the disease. She always get attention, encouragement, support and help from everyone especially her mother. She always comforted "don't think that the lack of luck. You will find more happiness knowing that in this world there are people suffering, unhappiness over the "encouragement" I don't choose to be patient. There are many things you can do even if the disabled child. If the smart child ...

Limited time please always living optimism, trust, love, hope and not stop the effort.
mdamanhuri77 22 / 35 3  
Sep 15, 2016   #2
hai shanmui
let give you several correction

If you are , like me have been raised ...
... and how they became influential influent - the picture ...
Kito Aya was born on July 19, 1962 and passed away ... (it is too long sentence, better you divide it into several sentences).

#there are many repetition mistake that you have,
#you must be more carefull to build an effective paragraphs.

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